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A Complete Chess Course

How to play and win at chess: ....

224 Seiten, gebunden, Gambit, 1. Auflage 2015

16,95 €
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This book is a comprehensive manual for those new to chess, which explains with great clarity the basics of the game. Using innovative methods, Gude ensures that readers quickly grasp each key concept before building on it by introducing new ideas.

This is an interactive course. With a total of 280 questions and exercises to tackle, the reader will quickly gain skills rather than mere knowledge. Gude strips the mystery away from tactics and combinations by looking first at the strengths and weaknesses of each piece in isolation, and then showing how they work together with each of the other pieces. He also presents guidelines on chess strategy that will help shape the reader’s understanding of chess, and a wide variety of patterns for the reader’s all-important ‘mental database’.

The section on openings explains the main aims of each major opening, and the style of game to which they tend of lead, together with some key variations. Later chapters provide examples of how to launch attacks, putting together the skills from earlier chapters, and deal with issues such as chess training, psychology and competitive chess at club and tournament level.

Antonio Gude is an extremely experienced chess writer and teacher from Spain. Several of his books on tactics and for beginners are long-standing best-sellers in Spanish language. Gude has also translated a great many books, including some of the classics of chess literature.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 580 g
Hersteller Gambit
Breite 17,5 cm
Höhe 25,4 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Autor Antonio Gude
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1910093641
Seiten 224
Einband gebunden

005 Introduction

005 How to Study this Book

007 1 The Basic Rules of Chess

007 The Chessboard

007 The Forces in Play

007 Initial Position

008 Camps, Flanks and Edges

009 How the Pieces Move

013 Capturing

014 Check

016 Checkmate

017 Winning the Game

017 Notation

019 Questions

019 Exercises

022 Further Tips

023 2 Your First Chess Games

023 Castling

024 Material Values of the Pieces

025 Pawn Promotion

026 Stalemate

027 Perpetual Check

027 How Games are Drawn

028 Symbols

028 Early Checkmates

029 Questions

030 Exercises

032 Further Tips

033 3 Openings and Basic Principles

033 The Laws of Chess

033 The Centre

034 The Opening: Time, Development and Space

036 Classical Openings

037 Gambits

037 Classification of the Openings

038 Blunders and Traps in the Open Games

042 Basic Mates

047 Questions

048 Exercises

051 Further Tips

052 4 Putting Your Pieces to Work

052 Open Games

057 Contacts between Pieces

060 Pawn Endgames

062 Mate with Two Bishops

063 The Powers of the Pieces

070 Questions

071 Exercises

075 Further Tips

076 5 Strategy and Tactics

076 Strategy

077 Strategic Elements

077 Pawn-Structure

080 Tactics

081 Tandems

099 Mate with Bishop and Knight

101 Questions

101 Exercises

105 Further Tips

106 6 Endgame Play and Further Openings

106 Minor-Piece Endings

107 Rook and Pawn Endgames

109 Queen vs Pawn on the Seventh

110 Semi-Open Games

116 Traps and Tricks in the Semi-Open Games

119 Semi-Open Miniatures

123 Questions

123 Exercises

127 Further Tips

128 7 Combinations and Tactical Themes

128 Combinations

128 Fork and Double Attack

131 Pin

135 Discovered Attack

137 Removing the Guard

140 Interference

143 Deflection

146 X-Ray

148 Decoy

151 Self-Blocking

154 Clearance

157 Questions

158 Exercises

162 Further Tips

163 8 Attacking Play

163 Attacks against the Castled King

178 Attacks against the King in the Centre

184 Exchange Sacrifices

187 Questions

188 Exercises

193 Further Tips

194 9 Your First Opening Repertoire

194 The Principal Openings

194 Strategic Opening Fundamentals

198 How to Build an Opening Repertoire

203 Further Tips

204 10 Competitive Chess

204 Competitive Chess

207 Training Techniques

209 Final Tips

211 Answers to Questions

214 Solutions to the Exercises

222 Index of Players