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How to beat your dad at chess

127 Seiten, gebunden, Gambit, 1998

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This is a chess book for everyone, from eight to eighty, beginner to master. In a clear, easy-to-follow format it explains how the best way to beat a stronger opponent (be it a friend, clubmate - or Dad!) is by cleverly forcing checkmate. Delightful and instructive positions from real games are used to show the 50 Deadly Checkmates that chess masters use to win their games.

For the beginner, simply learning the checkmating ideas and enjoying the examples will help develop the tactical skills needed to carry out attacks, combinations and sacrifices.

For the advanced player, many of these checkmating ideas will come as a revelation, having never been categorized before. Experts agree that pattern-recognition is vital to success in chess, and this book provides a wealth of valuable patterns.

How to Beat Your Dad at Chess makes improving easy and fun, and is full of helpful explanations and practical advice on how to approach chess games with confidence - and success.

Grandmaster Murray Chandler finished second in the World Cadet Championship in 1976, ahead of Garry Kasparov, whom he defeated in their individual game. He remains to this day one of the few players in the world with a 100% score against Kasparov.

He was a key member of the England team that won the silver medals in Chess Olympiads three times during the 1980s, and went on to captain the team in 1994. He is proprietor and Editor-in-Chief of the British Chess Magazine and the author of several successful chess books.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 410 g
Hersteller Gambit
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 1998
Autor Murray Chandler
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-10 1901983056
ISBN-13 9781901983050
Seiten 127
Einband gebunden

005 Introduction

006 Algebraic Notation

008 How Chess Masters Think

The 50 Deadly Checkmating Patterns

014 1) Anastasia's Mate

016 2) The Missing Defensive f-pawn

018 3) The Arabian Mate

20 4) Philidor's Legacy

22 5) Semi-Smothered Mate

24 6) Single Rook Sacrifice on h8

026 7) Double Rook Sacrifice on h8

028 8) Damiano's Mate

030 9) Taimanov's Knight Check

032 10) The See-Saw

034 11) The Petrosian Draw

036 12) The Rh8+ & Nxf7+ Trick

038 13) Blackburne's Mate

040 14) Boden's Mate

042 15) Other Queenside Mates

044 16) The Double Rook Sacrifice

046 17) The Double Bishop Sacrifice

048 18) Morphy's Mate

050 19) Pillsbury's Mate

052 20) The Crafty Bg8

054 21) The Rook Sacrifice on g7

056 22) A Knight on f5 (1)

058 23) A Knight on f5 (2)

060 24) Rook Decoy on h7

062 25) The Queen & Bishop Mate

064 26) Greco's Mate

066 27) More Qg6 Bombshells

068 28) Korchnoi's Manoeuvre

070 29) The Bxh6 Sacrifice

072 30) The Queen & Bishop Line-up

074 31) Removing the f6 Defender

076 32) The Greek Gift (1)

078 33) The Greek Gift (2)

080 34) The Greek Gift (3)

082 35) The Greek Gift (4)

084 36) Mate on the Long Diagonal

086 37) Weak Dark Squares

088 38) Blackburne's Other Mate

090 39) Lolli's Mates

092 40) Back-Rank Mates

094 41) The Refined Back-Rank Mate

096 42) More Bank-Rank Mates

098 43) Rook Deflections

100 44) Two Rooks on the Seventh

102 45) Anderssen's Mate

104 46) Pawn on the Seventh Rank

106 47) Legall's Mate

108 48) The Bishop Sacrifice on f7

110 49) Knight Sacrifices on f7 & e6

112 50) The Fischer Trap

114 Test Positions

121 Test Solutions

123 Glossary

125And Finally... What to do if Dad is Garry Kasparov

127 For Further Improvement

With its largish size pages, abundance of diagrams and generous layout, this fine-looking hardback is designed to capture the imagination of kids who have already learned the basics of chess and are hungry to learn more. And what could be more exciting than discovering all sorts of ways to checkmate? 50 different mating patterns are each given a section, e.g. Anastasia's Mate, Damiano's Mate, The Double Rook sacrifice, Qg6 Bombshells, The Bxh6 Sacrifice, Mate on the Long Diagonal, The Fischer Trap etc etc. A modern version of that wonderful old classic The Art of Checkmate by Renaud and Kahn, still in print by Dover Publications.

Chess Monthly, September 1998

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