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GM Crushing Attacks


CD/DVD-Box, OCL, 1. Auflage 2016

Aus der Reihe »Empire Chess«

19,95 €
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Tal - Learn to attack like him!

GM Crushing Attacks by GM Maxim Dlugy. This video on attack by GM Maxim Dlugy shows us the following:

  • How to attack well and avoid pitfalls when attacking.

  • How to find reasons why an attack should be launched.

  • Tal versus Fischer 1951 Candidates.

  • KID is played by Fischer – Tal plays classical 7.d5 although current theory prefers 7.0-0 then Be3.

  • Explanation of Black KID ideas in this game such as ... a6/ ... b5 or Qe8 to escape the Pin.

  • The Bh5 almost winning Black’s queen.

  • Fischer’s Bf6 plan of exchanging the dark squared bishops is explained.

  • Tal allows Fischer to have the KID ... gxf5 strong center but at the cost of Black having a long term weak king.

  • Overview of middle game plans for both sides if Bobby had played ... Ne5 rather than ... dxc5.

  • Problems of Fischer’s ... dxc5 are revealed.

  • The better ... Qg7 is analysed

  • The temporary (surprising) sacrifice of a pawn with Bd3 causes Fischer problems.

  • How to defend when many pieces come at you.

  • Queen and knight versus queen and knight endgame assessed.

  • Keep the queen close to the king when defending, to shield it well.

  • The amazing ... a5 allows ... Rag offering defense.

  • Fischer’s error, ... Qxc3, allows Tal to attack and enable all major pieces to attack the black king while Black’s forces remain undeveloped.

  • Tal’s technical ability when attaining the winning position.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 100 g
Hersteller OCL
Breite 13,5 cm
Höhe 19 cm
Medium DVD
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Autor Max Dlugy
Reihe Empire Chess
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
Einband CD/DVD-Box

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