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A Fresh Look at Chess

224 pages, paperback, CIRC, 1. edition 2012.

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For the last ten years, grandmaster Lev Alburt has been writing a very special monthly column for the U.S. Chess Federation's magazine, Chess Life. Non-titled readers are asked to contribute their most instructive games, with generous annotations. From dozens of entries each month, Lev chooses for his column one he considers to be of greatest value for CL's readers, adding his own comments and advice.

For this book, Lev has selected 40 of his best columns, arranged them by themes, cut same material - and added much more, all to make A Fresh Look at Chess both truly instructional and fun to read.

Most chess books have been written by grandmasters to help amateurs, both beginners and seasoned players, to understand chess and to play it better - using games by other grandmasters. A Fresh Look at Chess offers a new, complementary, and very effective approach.

International Grandmaster Lev Alburt, a three-time U.S. Champion and former European Champion, is one of the most sought-after chess teachers in the world. He co-authored and published the comprehensive Chess Course (From Beginner to Master and Beyond) series, to which A Fresh Look at Chess is the latest addition.

  • For this book Lev Alburt selected 40 of his best columns that were published in Chess Life

  • Alburt arranged them by themes, cut some material - and added much more

  • Both truly instructional and fun to read

Language English
Author Alburt, Lev
Publisher CIRC
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 200 g
Width 14 cm
Height 21.6 cm
Pages 224
ISBN-13 978-1889323251
Year of Publication 2012
Binding paperback

Part 1: Focus on Openings

012 Game 1 Tal Is Smiling [1418-1588]

017 Game 2 Setting Up An Attack [1244-1200]

024 Game 3 A True Gambiteer Attack [1692-1734]

028 Game 4 The Expanding Center (Right And Wrong Ways to Decline the Smith-Morra) [1788-1904]

034 Game 5 Lost On Move Four - And Then Winning [2280-1780]

040 Game 6 Queen To King's Rook Five, Check(mate)! [1231-2123]

045 Game 7 Opening Deviations, Or Crime And Punishment

Part 2: Traps!

051 Game 8 Legal's Mate And Other Opening Traps

053 Game 9 Readers' Traps

054 Game 10 To Trap Or Not To Trap? [1915-1440]

060 Game 11 Saved By A Trap [2207-unrated]

Part 3: The Art of Sacrifice

068 Game 12 More Often Than Not, Initiative Trumps Material [1433-1540] 8

074 Game 13 An "Iffy Sacrifice" (And Some Advice To Defenders) [1435-1500]

079 Game 14 THE Sacrifice (Bxh7+) [2000-1548]

Part 4: Attack & Defense

085 Games 15&16 Attacking Computers, Morphy-style [1554- ]

090 Game 17 Ignore Threats At Your Own Peril [1900-1276]

095 Game 18 Inspired By Fischer

100 Game 19 Older Players Can Be Deadly Tacticians, Too [1521-1499]

105 Game 20 A Student Applies Coach 's Principles [1762-1752]

110 Game 21 The Perpetual Attack [1550-2100]

114 Game 22 Press On! [1443-1403]

Part 5: Tactics

120 Game 23 Shock and Awe Out Of The Blue Sky [1826-1630]

126 Game 24 When Fortune Smiles on You, Be Ready! [2375-1440]

132 Game 25 Turning The Tab1es (Pin Becomes Discovered Attack) [1412-1403]

Part 6: Strategy

138 Game 26 Capablanca's Formula [1293-1692]

144 Game 27 Isolani [1791-2394]

148 Game 28 What Is My Opponent Planning? [1764-1800]

153 Game 29 A C-Player's Worthy Ideas on Positiona1 P1ay

Part 7: Kids Play and Comment

161 Game 30 Outwitting The Professor (The Value of Development) [996-unrated]

165 Games 31&32 Two Upsets (Sudden Attack; Rook Ending) [1687-1229]; [1702-1229]

173 Game 33 Analyzing Together [1660-1742]

Part 8: The Endgame

178 Game 34 The King's Power [1658-2049]

185 Game 35 The Pawn Endgame Roller Coaster [1670-1173]

193 Game 36 Draw on Demand [1107-1764]

Part 9: Time Management and Other Useful Thinking Techniques

200 Game 37 Managing Time

205 Game 38 Blitz!

210 Game 39 The Psychic Powers Of The Queen [1767-1442]

215 Game 40 How To Beat A Grandmaster [1667-2650]

219 Index

A Fresh Look at Chess