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Cho Hun-Hyun's Lectures on the Opening, Vol. 1


218 pages, paperback, Yutopian, 1. edition 2005

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GO The pursuit of Life, Liberty, Connection, Influence, and Territory. Each player seeks to discover the strategy and tactics necessary to acquire the most territory. Ideally each play has multiple aims to threaten and/or succeed to create, destroy, expand, and/or reduce Life, Liberty, Connection, Influence, and/or Territory.

THE ART OF GO Finding the strategical and tactical maneuvers that equally divide a section of the grid with respect to the whole grid via the principles of war.

OBJECTIVE To help Go players:

1) Leam the Go shape interaction language and elements;

2) Understand what is happening on the Go grid;

3) Develop their Go style and analytical evaluation skill.

The purpose of this book is to help a Go player accomplish the above objectives by studying and learning opening maneuvers that equally divides a grid.


There is something inexhaustible about go. There have been many games played, but no two games have been the same. Those who wish to improve rapidly at go may find this a disadvantage. If you are familiar with a certain formation, your confidence in maneuvering in it increases. But if a position is unfamiliar, you may be confused as to whether your tactics are good or not. In an important game, it is normal to stay with well-known plays. However you will often meet novel shapes in real games. Then your true level of play is tested. One of the best ways to improve is to experiment with new plays in games. This is time-consuming, and the benefit you gain from it does depend on your innate talent.

The very best way is to concentrate on study of the fundamentals and common shapes. In this book standard patterns are treated, in problem style. It is for amateurs, not professionals, and their needs are considered throughout. I hope this book will help you to improve your own level.

Cho Hun-Hyun

More Information
Weight 300 g
Manufacturer Yutopian
Width 14,7 cm
Height 20,9 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2005
Author Cho Hun-hyeon
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 9781889554600
Pages 218
Binding paperback

I Introduction

II Editor's Note

001 Section 1: Fundamental concepts in the opening

003 Chapter 1: Territory and Framework

008 Chapter 2: Around The Corner

019 Chapter 3: Extensions

034 Chapter 4: The Importance of Base Plays

043 Chapter 5: Making Stones Work Harder

053 Section 2: Examples on the Fundamentals

055 Problem 1 - What are Frameworks Worth?

059 Problem 2 - Is Playing Away Good?

063 Problem 3 Choice at a Crossroads

067 Problem 4 A Necessary Reinforcement

071 Problem 5 A Framework Completed

075 Problem 6 Punishing the Loose Play

079 Problem 7 The Corners are Big

083 Problem 8 Limiting Outside Influence

087 Problem 9 Judgment of Future Potential

091 Problem 10 Taking Account of Thickness

095 Problem 11 A Deceptively Large Place to Play

099 Problem 12 The Scale of a Framework

103 Problem 13 Speedy Strategy

107 Problem 14 Exploiting Your Enclosure

111 Problem 15 Decision on the Direction

115 Problem 16 Double Wing Formation

119 Problem 17 Framework in Practice

123 Problem 18 The Weakness of a Higher Position

127 Problem 19 The Counter Chinese

131 Problem 20 Settling the Side

135 Problem 21 Restrict and Neutralize

139 Problem 22 Against the Approach on the Closed Side

143 Problem 23 When there is only One Key Area

147 Problem 24 First Touch on the Brakes

151 Problem 25 After the Approach

155 Problem 26 Floating Lifelessly

159 Problem 27 A Clear Priority

163 Problem 28 A Double Purpose Play

167 Problem 29 Take Advantage of a Slip

171 Problem 30 Which Way to Safety?

175 Problem 31 Establishing a Formation

179 Problem 32 Response to a Soft Play

183 Problem 33 Key Point for Attack

187 Problem 34 Simple Defensive Style

191 Problem 35 Side Effects of a Running Fight

195 Problem 36 After One Side is Settled

199 Problem 37 Saving Face

203 Problem 38 Two Birds with One Stone

207 Problem 39 A Hardworking Play

211 Problem 40 Awareness of One's Surroundings

215 Problem 41 Protect Your Investment