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Kaissiber Abonnement Ausland (Post Land-/Seeweg)


80 pages, stitched, Eigenverlag

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More Information
Weight 170 g
Manufacturer Eigenverlag
Width 16,5 cm
Height 23 cm
Medium Book
Author Stefan Bücker
Language German
Pages 80
Binding stitched

Inhalt Heft 34:

004 Leserbriefe

006 Impressum

009 Maurits Wind: Hugh Myers (1930-2008)


013Maurits Wind: Mit g5 gegen Englisch/Myers' Verteidigung und Verwandtes

028Lew Gutman: Esteban Canals Springerzug 7. Sc3 i. d. Preußischen Partie


050Peter Anderberg: Esteban Canal in Leipzig

070Alfred Diel: Samuel Reshevsky

072 Sie sind am Zuge

073Partien (Franco-Polnisch)


081 Lösungen

082 Register

"...eine Zeitschrift, die anders ist als alle anderen."

Hans Ree ("Olifant en hippopotamus", in: NRC Handelsblad 24. Mai 1997)

"Liebhaber des Bizarren im Schach: aufgemerkt. Stefan Bücker, der deutsche Erdenker von Eröffnungen wie Geier, Habichd und Mokele Mbembe, hat ein eigenes Blatt gestartet: Kaissiber. Werden Sie auch todkrank vom Geschlossenen Spanisch, Sizilianischen Najdorf oder schon wieder einer Neuerung im 23. Zug der Hauptvariante im Königsindisch, dann ist dies etwas für Sie."

Minze bij de Weg (Schaak Magazine)

[Kaissiber] specializes in openings analysis and historical research. It is one of the most impressive chess magazines we have ever seen."

Edward Winter (New in Chess Magazine 7/1998, p. 89)

"To begin with, I want to mention a publication that might just fit a certain group of TWIC readers' taste: Stefan Buecker's German magazine Kaissiber. I don't review print magazines in this column, and I won't do so here, but Kaissiber is the best journal I've seen by far for the coverage of rare and little-played openings just about everything from the Elephant (1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 d5) to the Fajarowicz Gambit in the Budapest to slightly more conventional 150-Attacks and anti-Sicilians. A few mainstream openings are also dealt with, but usually with an eccentric, un- or underanalysed move early on. The level of analysis in my opinion far outstrips the many websites and other periodicals that feature irregular systems. Kaissiber has numerous other features, with an emphasis on history and fun: check it out at . A knowledge of German is extremely useful, but not entirely necessary, because much of the analysis speaks for itself."

IM John Watson (The Week in Chess = TWIC, USA)

"In this era of hackneyed chess journalism and sloppy research, Buecker's Kaissiber is a refreshing burst of fresh air. Here you will not find coverage of the latest Category Umpteen tournament or the latest polemics swirling around FIDE's most recent actions. You will find fascinating articles about chess history, computer chess and, most assuredly, opening theory, particularly of irregular, unorthodox and controversial openings. In the mix you are also served vintage photographs, whimsical drawings, book reviews and tactical positions to solve, all of which adds up to pure delight for even the most demanding of gourmet palates."

Hanon Russell (The Chess Café, USA)

"Kaissiber is a highly recommendable chess magazine of which I have never seen an equivalent. Dealing with chess history and less fashionable opening analysis, it is the perfect supplement to the more top-level tournament and news-oriented magazines like f.x. "New in Chess Magazine" and "Schach". Just try - you will not regret it!"

Erik Sobjerg (Seagaard Chess Reviews, Dänemark)