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English defence

144 pages, paperback, Everyman, 1999.

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Grandmaster Daniel King explains the basic elements, strategies and tactics of the popular English Defence, on which he is a renowned expert. This book, the first on the English Defence for many years, provides everything you need to know to start playing the opening straightaway. It focuses on explaining the key themes and provides a backbone of essential theoretical knowledge.

  • Written by Grandmaster Daniel King, a leading authority on the English Defence

  • Covers one of Black`s most dynamic and provocative defences

  • Ideal battle manual for club and tournament players

Language English
Author King, Daniel
Publisher Everyman
Medium Book
Weight 280 g
Pages 144
ISBN-10 1857442954
ISBN-13 9781857442953
Year of Publication 1999
Binding paperback


1 c4 b 6

4 Bibliography

5 Introduction

10 Main Line with 3. e4 Lb7 4. Ld3: The ´new` 4...Sc6

29 Main Line with 3. e4 Lb7 4. Ld3: Other Fourth Moves for Black

48 Main Line with 3. e4 Lb7 4. d5, 4. Sc3 Lb4 5. d5 and 4. Sc3, Lb4 5. Ld3

68 Main Line with 3. e4 Lb7 4. Sc3 Lb4 5. f3 and 4. f3

81 Main Line with 3. e4 Lb7 4. Sc4 Lb4 5. Dc2 and 4. Dc2

93 White Plays an early a2-a3

113 The Two-Pawn-Attack (1. c4 b6 2. Sc3 Lb7 3. e4)

130 Systems with ...Lxf3

143 Index of Complete Games

English defence