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Special offer

My First Book of Chess Tactics

208 pages, paperback, Russel, 1. edition 2015.

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My First Book of Chess Tactics is a thorough introduction to the vital aspect of playing winning chess.

Tactics are the tricks and techniques you use to surprise and ambush your opponent. The more you know about tactics, the better you`ll play the game and the more games you will win.

In My First Book of Chess Tactics you will:

  • Learn the ideas behind tactical patterns and how to name them

  • See how to focus on a position to find tactical patterns

  • Practice tactics by solving realistic puzzles

  • Recognize not only what you can do to your opponent, but what your opponent can do to you

David MacEnulty is an award winning teacher with over twenty years of experience teaching children and adults. His chess teams have won numerous New York City, New York State and National Chess Championships. He has won several Teacher of the Year awards, was named Chess Educator of the Year by the University of Texas at Dallas, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the US Chess Federation, and was given the Lives that Make a Difference Award from A&E Television. The film, Knights of the South Bronx, starring Ted Danson, was based on David`s years as a chess teacher at C.E.S 70 in the Bronx.

Language English
Author MacEnulty, David
Publisher Russel
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 290 g
Width 15.3 cm
Height 22.8 cm
Pages 208
ISBN-13 978-1941270141
Year of Publication 2015
Binding paperback

006 Introduction

008 1 Chess Notation

013 2 Exchange Guide

014 3 Tactics Overview

020 4 En Prise

029 5 Take a More Valuable Piece

035 6 More (or Better) Attackers than Defenders

043 7 Fork

068 8 Pin

091 9 Skewer

098 10 Discovery and Discovered Check

107 11 Double Check

112 12 Overload or Overworked Piece

121 13 Remove the Guard

127 14 Deflection

134 15 Decoy

142 16 Trapping

151 Four More Tactical Ideas: X-Ray, Interference Clearance, and the Windmill

156 18 Make the Right Capture

165 19 Mixed Tactics

167 Part One

172 Part Two

173 Unit 1

182 Unit 2

206 Answers to Unit 2

197 20 Strategy and Tactics

My First Book of Chess Tactics