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Young Najdorf

151 pages, paperback, The Chess Player, 1. edition 2010.

From the Series »Chess Masters«

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After World War Two, Miguel Najdorf of Argentina became a world class player, competing successfully in events of the highest standard.

But he wasn´t from Argentina and his career began much earlier.

This book tells the story of how he developed into an international player of standing in his native Poland in the late 1920s and 1930s. In doing so it also gives a flavour of the organisation and importance of chess in that country, at a time when it was one of the foremost chess-playing countries of the world.

Every known game by Najdorf, up to the end of 1939, is included, together with contemporary annotations where they are available.

Language English
Author Lissowski, Tomasz
Publisher The Chess Player
Series Chess Masters
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 100 g
Width 14.5 cm
Height 20.7 cm
Pages 151
ISBN-10 190103472X
Year of Publication 2010
Binding paperback

Young Najdorf