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Chess Assistant 12 Mega package + Houdini 2.0 Pro

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Chess Assistant 12 with Houdini 2 Mega combines all tools and features provided by Chess Assistant 12 Pro with Gold Nalimov Tablebases, 100 Gb in total on 12 DVDs of double density.

The Chess Assistant 12 Pro Package includes the best chess engine - Houdini 2 PRO (rating 3350 by CCRL), Chess opening Encyclopedia 2011 , a powerful search system, a unique Tree mode , databases of 5.1 million games in total (as of October 1, 2011) that can be updated with 2000 new games each week at, etc.

Houdini 2 PRO is the World's strongest chess engine, capable of supporting up to 32 cores and 32 GB of hash . You can connect Houdini 2 PRO UCI engine to ChessOK Aquarium, Fritz and ChessBase.

Nalimov Tablebase is a database of 3-4-5-6 pieces endings with 100% accurate analysis.

Chess Assistant 12 Mega includes the DVD version of ChessOK Aquarium 2011 you to which can also connect the Houdini 2 Pro engine.

Chess Assistant 12 includes ChessOK Aquarium 2011 , as well as the ChessOK Playing Zone interface and twelve months of free access (1 year membership ) to the Playing Zone, providing you with full access to its various features, including tournament participation, lecture creation and game analysis in groups.

Sergey Rublevsky, Russian Chess Champion: "I have been using Chess Assistant with great pleasure for more than 10 years already."

More Information
Manufacturer Convekta
Medium DVD
Import CBF, PGN
Export PGN
Number of games 5.000.000
Required CPU min. Pentium
Operating System Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Language German
Copy Protection unlimited installations
Sound Board No
Functions ana­lyse game, annotations, au­to­ma­tic re­play, ECO-classification, end­game data­bases, layout configurable, move assistant, online help, position tree, search for names, tournaments etc., search for positions, variations
Print diagram as graphic, game