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Chess Assistant 7.1 - english / Update from 6.x

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Chess Assistant 7 is the unique tool for managing chess games and databases (the CA7 included database contains 2.090.000 games, up-to-date until Oct. 1st. 2002), playing chess on ICC, viewing electronic textes in CA or PGN formats, study opening with the Encyclopedia Chess Openings 2002, analyzing games, or playing chess against the computer. Roundabout 10.000 new games per monthas a download for free via the Internet on our servers.

For all kinds of opening studies, CA7 provides you with various chess trees, which include evaluations done by GM Kharitonov. For middlegame studies, the program provides analysis by a wide variety of chess engines, most important to be mentioned: Chess Tiger 15 and Gambit Tiger 2, altogether incredibly strong chess programs. Furthermore, there is a large variety of different analysis modes, supported by the program, including fully automatic multipass analysis of the game(s) and manually controlled analysis.

Database and game management is also facilitated with an easy to-handle drag and drop interface plus a navigation/database browser window, which really - should be - standard for programs of this type. There are also ( self understanding for our standards ) tools for keeping player and tournament names consistent, and removing doubles from your collection at the highest possible speed and correctness, the entire Market offers at present. And of course, you have all sorts of search tools at your disposal, like searches for material, pawn structures, positions, players, sacrifices, piece movements, statistical analysis, etc.

By terms of chess related Internet play, CA 7 provides you with a comfortable interface for the connect to ICC. The interface allows you to play games online, or watch the games of others and so forth.

And as chess playing itself is concerned, you can use CA 7 in combination with it's built-in engines (Chess Tiger 14/15, Gambit Tiger 2, Ruffian and Crafty), or with a wide, additional variety of other engines (Shredder 5 or 6, even Winboard engines).

More Information
Manufacturer Convekta
Medium CD
Import CBF, PGN
Export PGN
Number of games 2.117.000
Required CPU min. Pentium
Operating System Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Language English, French, Italian, Spanish
Copy Protection unlimited installations
Sound Board No
Functions ana­lyse game, annotations, au­to­ma­tic re­play, ECO-classification, layout configurable, move assistant, online help, position tree, search for names, tournaments etc., search for positions, variations
Print diagram as graphic, game

Der größte Konkurrent von Chess -Base ist endlich in einer neuen deutschen Version auf dem Markt! Die CD enthält: Datenprogramm CA 7.1 für Windows, Schachengines Chess Tiger 14.0 und 15.0, Ruffian 1.0, Tiger Gambit II, Crafty und Dragon. Dazu Datenbanken: Elite, Enzyklopädie Chess Openings 2003, Hauptdatenbank HugeBase mit 2.117.300 Partien, direkter Baum, CA Eröffnungsbuch und Cap Daten (10 Millionen analysierte Positionen). Und das alles für nur 129 Euro! Chess Assistant 7.1 ist in der Tat das ultimative alles-in-einem Werkzeug, um Partien zu analysieren und große Datenbanken zu verwalten. Man kann Texte aller Art im CA Format lesen. Die Firma liefert auch viele zusätzliche CD's zu den verschiedenen Themen, z. B.

Trainingskurs, CT-Art 3.0 (Taktik), Strategie 2.0, Enzyklopädie der Eröffnungsfehler, Mittelspiel und Endspiele. Es gibt also ein großes Spektrum an Möglichkeiten, um sein eigenes Training interessanter zu gestalten. Noch eine schöne Sache: CA 7.1 ermöglicht Ihnen, Schach Live im Internet auf dem Server des ICCF zu spielen. Das Interface wurde so entwickelt, dass es den Anfängern hilft, sich ohne Serverbefehlskenntnisse zurechtzufinden. Um andere Vorteile des Ca 7.1 kennen zu lernen, müssen Sie sich das Programm einfach kaufen und ausprobieren, Sie werden erstaunt sein, welche Vorteile und Möglichkeiten es noch zusätzlich bietet!

Fernschach International 04/2003