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Chess Christmas

475 pages, hardback, Caissa 90-Olomouc, 1. edition 2006

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Weight 800 g
Manufacturer Caissa 90-Olomouc
Width 15 cm
Height 21 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2006
Author Ken WhyldVlastimil FialaDr. Michael Negele
Language English
Edition 1
Pages 475
Binding hardback


005 Introduction by Michael Negele

007 Kenneth Whyld (06-03-1926 to 11-07-2003) In Memoriam by Alessandro Sanvito

010 Plates (Tafeln) in Deutsches Wochenschach

014 Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten

018 L'Echiquier Revue Internationale d'Echecs by Henri Serruys

024 Ken Whyld's Christmas Series by Alessandro Sanvito


029 The story of Chess

051 Biobibliography list

129 Blackburne's matches 1887

191 Letters on the History and Literature of Chess by B.S. (P)

243 Development of the chess problem by J.W. Allen

273 The beginning of modern chess

293 The chess board

311 Cafe de la Regence, Paris

323 The worst chess book in the World

355 A la recherche du temps perdu

371 Lasker the composer

385 According to Hoyle......

399 Cordingley's Cuts

413 Chess Texts in the English Language printed earlier than 1850

425 Address to the Automaton chess player

433 The meeting of the B.C.A. at Cambridge (28.8.1860-1.9.1860)

447 Chess in Literature

459 Labourdonnais - Morphy by George Allen

Kenneth Whyld, einer der bedeu­tendsten Schachhistoriker, verstarb im Juli 2003. Dieses Jahr wäre er 80 Jahre alt geworden.

Seit 1985 hatte er an seinen Freun­deskreis zu Weihnachten keine üblichen Karten, sondern Beiträge zur Schachgeschichte verschickt. Diese Artikel wurden nun zu einem Buch zusammengefasst.

Schach Markt 4/2006

An interesting hobby of the late great Ken Whyld was sending Christmas booklets to his close chess friends with various chess publications as for example the story of modern chess, covered in this book under the chapter Ken Whyld’s Christmas Series: The beginning of modern chess, Caistor 1991 Kenneth Whyld wrote: This booklet comes to you with my best wishes for Christmas 1991,and the New Year 1992; In 1872 the London Chess club began a match of two games by correspondence against the Vienna club led by Kolisch. Shortly after the match began Blackburne,Horwitz,Löwenthal and Wisker withdrew from the London team, leaving Steinitz and Potter to continue. Later Steinitz said that modern chess began with these two games, and he and Potter analysed them deeply in the pages of The Field,and these notes were then reprinted in the City of London Chess Magazine. Kenneth Whyld included 17 pages of chess notes from the famous games; London - Vienna & Vienna - London and pleasantly transferred by him in a readable algebraic notation. In the original booklets from Ken Whyld’s Christmas Series the booklets where coloured on cardboard, with the colours: white, celestial, grey, pink, clear green, clear yellow and Signed by the author with the words “Ken”. Unfortunately we have to do in the book with copies from the original work from Whyld, and sometimes as chapter one;The Story of chess some pages are quite a puzzle but the material from Whyld is superb so we must now and than forgive Fiala and the Ken Whyld Association for the layout for some of these unreadable pages. The material in this book is divided into two parts: where in part one you shall find the following material: Introduction by Michael Negele, Kenneth Whyld in Memoriam, Plates in Deutsches Wochenschach,Kagans Neueste Schachnachrichten,L’Echiquier Revue International d’Echecs by Henri Serruys and Ken Whyld’s Christmas Series by Alessandro Sanvito who is also responsable for Whyld's biography. Part two: The story of chess,Bibliography list,Blackburne’s matches 1887,Letters on the history and literature of chess,Development of the chess problem by J.W.Allen,The beginning of modern chess,The chess board,Café de la Regence,Paris,The worst chess book in the world,A la recherché du temps perdu,Lasker the composer,According to Hoyle,Cordingley’s Cuts,Chess texts in the English language printed earlier than 1850,Adress to the Automaton chess player,The meeting of the B.C.A,at Cambridge {28.8.1860-1.-9.1860,Chess in Literature and at last Labourdonnais-Morphy by George Allen. Conclusion: A very interesting written chessbook!With kind permission of the author John Elburg (

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