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Chess King´s Complete Chess Course

DVD-box, Convekta, 1. edition 2012.

From the Series »Chess King´s Complete Chess Course«

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Complete Chess Course. Volume 1: Opening Principles

This Opening Principles disk is the first volume of the Complete Chess Course. It demonstrates that you don't need to try to memorize hundreds of opening variations as long as you play the opening by following common basic ideas. You'll learn all about fast development, centralization, mobility, and defense, all of which will help you get a good position which will lead directly into a playable middle game. The next two volumes in this course are Tactics & Strategy, and Endgames.

Table of Contents:

0.Introduction A. Kosteniuk

1.The Center


3.Center Pawns


5.Knights First

6.One or Two Pawn Moves

7.Wasting Time

8.Castle Early

9.Early Queen Moves

10.Play the Sure Thing

11.Rooks in the Opening

12.Pointless Pawn Moves

13.Pawns and castled Kings

14.f-Pawn Weakness

15.Opening Disaster 1

16.Opening Disaster 2

17.Opening Disaster 3

18.Opening Disaster 4

19.Opening Disaster 5

20.Using an Opening Tree

21.Conclusion A. Kosteniuk

System Requirements: PC, Mac, DVD player or any other means of playing DVD video.

The DVD is zone "0" or “ALL” which means it is guaranteed play anywhere in the world (including USA zone 1, Europe zone 2, etc.), and it works on any normal DVD player or PC or Mac.

Chess King's Complete Chess Course Series is the quickest and easiest way to learn the chess basics, the patterns, tips, strategies, techniques which will turn you from a beginner into an accomplished chess player. The DVD video format makes it simple to improve your chess. Just watch, listen and learn. This Course is a fountain of knowledge for parents and coaches. The set contains close to 5 hours of structured instruction with over 100 ready-to-use examples of sound chess fundamentals. Recommended for players Unrated to 1500 Elo. Ideal for Junior and improving players to reach club player level. Useful for parents and coaches to gather material for their chess lessons. The high quality DVDs feature 12th Women's World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk and a portion of the proceeds go to support her Chess Fund.

Language English
Publisher Convekta
Series Chess King´s Complete Chess Course
Edition 1.
Medium DVD
Weight 100 g
Width 13.5 cm
Height 19 cm
Year of Publication 2012
Binding DVD-box

Chess King´s Complete Chess Course