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Art.-No.: SXCT2007UP

Chess Tiger 2007 - Upgrade

Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Chess Tiger 2007 wird mit der Chess Partner Oberfläche geliefert und ist damit eigenständig lauffähig.

Ebenfalls auf der CD mitgeliefert wird eine UCI-Engine, so dass Chess Tiger 2007 auch in anderen GUIs (Programmoberflächen) wie beispielsweise Fritz (ab Version 8), Shredder (ab Version 8) und ChessBase 9 eingebunden werden kann.

Zum Betrieb dieser Update-Version ist es erforderlich, ein beliebiges Produkt des Herstellers Lokasoft als Vollversion zu besitzen, das die Chess Partner Oberfläche 5.x enthält.

Chess Tiger is the main chess program, its use is easy and self understood, the Interface can be modified greatly to your own wishes. Chess Tiger uses the ChessPartner interface. The program can be started from the Chess Tiger shortcut on the desktop or from the Start menu. This will start the ChessPartner program and always loads the Chess Tiger engine. It's also possible to start ChessPartner with the ChessPartner shortcut, in that case it loads the last selected engine. Pressing the F1 button accesses the online manual.

Trainer levels These levels of increasing difficulty are designed to help you to improve your chess. In the "Trainer" modes, Chess Tiger gives you some opportunities to win. Exactly like a real player would do. Because nobody's perfect! Play very carefully, and you will most probably be able to find a winning line.

Playing styles can be set from the Extra -> Engine properties.. Menu item. The Normal style is supposed to be the strongest, in the Gambit style the program will play a more attacking type of chess, in Gambit Aggressive the program is even more attacking and therefore more risky, while the Gambit suicidal is more for fun.

Multi Variation mode is controlled by the + and - buttons in the statistics window, Clicking + or - increases/decreases the number of variations displayed. Note that increasing the number of variations will slow down the program; therefore this should only be used for game analysis.

Engine Research Tool is a utility to play automatic matches against various other chess engines. The program can be started from the shortcut on the desktop or from the Start menu..

Engine Import Wizard is a tool to import Winboard or UCI compatible engines into the ChessPartner GUI. The tool is accessed from the Extra -> Engine Import Wizard.. Menu.

Book Converter is a tool that can create opening books from PGN or LDB databases. The tool can also be used to convert Rebel format MVS books. The tool can be started from the Extra -> Book Import menu.


The CD-ROM contains all 3,4 and some 5 man tablebases, if whished these can be installed on your hard disk.

Thematic books

The CD-ROM contains a number of thematic opening books, to use them copy the files from the CD-ROM to the installation directory. The books are in ChessPartner GUI format and need the Use GUI books option to be enabled.

UCI Version of engine:

Included in the package is a UCI version of the engine. This version can be used in other interfaces such as Arena or Chessbase.

Language English
Author Théron, Christoph
Manufacturer Lokasoft
Medium CD
Weight 100 g
Ports DGT Board
Print game
Functions autoplayer, ECO display, ECO-classification, end­game data­bases, layout configurable, online help, opening name, position tree, recognition of positions, style configurable, transpostions, variations
Copy Protection unlimited installations
Required CPU min. Pentium
Operating System Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows XP
Required HD space 27 MByte
Number of games 1,200
Export CBF, PGN
Import CBF, PGN

Updateberechtigt sind Besitzer folgender Programme (ausschließlich Versionen von Lokasoft):

  • ChessPartner 5.x

  • Chess Tiger 15

  • Deep Sjeng 1.0/1.5/1.6

  • Gandalf 5

  • Rebel 12

  • Ruffian 2

Um die Update-Version zu installieren, muß eines der dieser Programme auf Ihrer Festplatte installiert und registriert sein. Dies wird während der Installation von Gandalf 6 überprüft. Dieses System basiert auf Eingabe eines Registriercodes, wie er auch schon bei Chess Tiger 15 und Deep Sjeng verwendet wurde.



PII 200 oder höher


1 GB Festplatte

Empfehlung :

PIII 1000 oder höher

128 MB RAM

10 GB Festplatte





Win XP Pro oder Home

Loyalty upgrade prices are for registered owners of the following

products (Lokasoft versions only) :

  • ChessPartner 5.x
  • Chess Tiger 15
  • Deep Sjeng 1.0/1.5/1.6
  • Gandalf 5
  • Rebel 12
  • Ruffian 2

To qualify for the upgrade price your customer must have one of the qualifying products properly installed and registered. This is checked during the installation. The system is based on entering a keycode just as with Chess Tiger 15 and Deep Sjeng.

System requirements:

Minimum :

PII 200 or better


1 GB Harddisk


PIII 1000 or better

128 MB Ram

10 GB Harddisk

Operating system:



W2K/XP Pro or Home

Chess Tiger 2007 - Upgrade