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Formation Attacks

500 pages, paperback, Lulu, 1. edition 2011.

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As a Chess Master who has spent many years playing aggressive and attacking chess, I was quite dismayed during a recent visit to my local bookstore. I was in search of a book that covered a wide array of attacks against many Pawn formations in an organized fashion. Needless to say, my search came up empty. The books on attacking fell short in many ways. Many of the books were simply a small collection of attack games with no instruction about the art of attacking or about the skills required to become a great attacker. None of them provided the reader with any reference information about attacking or the weaknesses of various Pawn Formations. None of them contained games with attacking themes like the Traxler Variation of the Two Knights Defense, and the Jack Young "Fishing Pole". None of them contained any wild attacking ideas that can stream from opening gambits such as the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, King's Gambit, Scotch Gambit, Nakhmanson Gambit, etc. So, as a result, I felt compelled to write the ultimate attack book, and this is it!

Language English
Author Johnson, Joel
Publisher Lulu
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 750 g
Width 15.2 cm
Height 22.8 cm
Pages 500
ISBN-13 9780557522699
Year of Publication 2011
Binding paperback

009 Preface

011 Section A - Attack Skills

012 Analyzing Chess Positions

015 Basic Attack Techniques

030 Advanced Attack Techniques

041 Attack Guidelines

044 Attacking Elements

049 Attacking Process

050 Weaknesses

059 Section B - Attack Info

060 Computers

068 Preparing for an Opponent

078 Most Thrilling Game Ever?

081 Amazing Endgame Mates

087 Section C - Attack Games

467 Indexes

467 Glossary of Terms

470 Players Index

488 Openings Index

Formation Attacks