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Fritz 11 - english

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You ore holding Fritz in your hands, the program that for many years now has fascinated the chess world. It played against the legendary Garry Kasparov in New York and in 2006 beat world champion Vladimir Kramnik 4:2 in a big public match in Bonn, Germany. Millions of fans followed these great duels between man and machine and were delighted by the world class games that they produced.

But don't be afraid - Fritz has a different side to its personality. The program will help you along during the game, with numerous sophisticated coaching functions, adjusting its playing strength to exactly match that of any opponent. It graphically deplays threats and plans, and provides full opening statistics. For beginners Fritz will explain moves and positions, or warn you of dangers and of errors you are committing. It has instructive training modules and amusing handicap levels. For club and tournament players Fritz has long become a trusted friend and indispensable advisor, helping them to study their games and find new opening ideas for their next tournaments. A database with more than a million games provides the basis for state-of-the-art analysis. Even Garry Kasparov has used Fritz on a regular basis.

How often have you attended personal grandmaster lectures or training sessions? With its Chess Media System Fritz brings the world's greatest chess players into your living room, in full high resolution video and sound and a synchronised graphic chessboord. Listen to Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Kramnik, Viktor Korchnoi, Alexei Shirov or (former world champion) Rustam Kasimdzhanov while they explain important openings and ideas that lead to success. A host of famous chess teachers provide instruction in more mundane subjects, like opening traps, middlegame strategy, or endgame skills. Video running time: more than 14 (!) hours! Fritz makes it easy for you to play against other human beings, at any time, day or night. It provides you with a one-click connection to the largest chess community in the world, (1 year access). You can play quick and informal games at any level, take part in tournaments, or attend live lectures and training sessions. You can also watch great international events, which are broodcasted live on the server, and you can discuss the moves with players and Grandmasters from all over the world. It is an experience you will not want to miss.

New in Fritz11:

  • new, strongly improved chess engine (approx. + 80 Elo points)

  • updated database with over 1,000.000 games dated 1625 to 2007

  • improved opening book

  • new training method for calculation, new discipline on puzzle solving competition

  • 'magic eye': when using 3D board the engine 'looks around' on the board

  • 13 (!) hours video lectures

operating system:

Windows XP, Windows Vista

More Information
Weight 280 g
Manufacturer ChessBase
Medium DVD
Number of games 1.000.000
Author Frans Morsch
Required CPU min. Pentium
Required HD space 98 MByte
Operating System Windows XP
Language English
Copy Protection unlimited installations
Sound Board Yes
Functions 3D board, alternate moves, analyse database, ana­lyse game, annotations, autoplayer, calculations configurable, ECO display, ECO-classification, ELO evaluation, end­game data­bases, layout configurable, learning ability, library extendable, move assistant, online help, opening name, position tree, recognition of positions, search for names, tournaments etc., search for positions, style configurable, tea­ching op­tion, transpostions, variations
Print diagram as graphic, Diagramm als Text, game, game to file
Ports DGT Board
Elo (Hardware) 2810 (Athlon 1200 MHz)

System requirements:


  • Pentium 300 MHz

  • 64 MB RAM

  • Windows Vista or XP (SP 2)

  • DVD ROM drive

  • Windows Media Player 9


  • Pentium IV 2.2 GHz or higher

  • 256 MB RAM

  • Windows Vista

  • GeForce5 or compatible graphics card wit h64 MB RAM or higher

  • 100% DirectX compatible sound card, Windows Media Player 9

  • DVD ROM drive