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297 pages, paperback, Slate & Shell, 2. edition 2011.

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This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

The famous ten game match between Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru in Kamakura, as a result of which Go Seigen was clearly established as number one in the world, is thoroughly analyzed in this massive study by John Fairbairn . Fairbairn draws on a host of sources, most not available in English, to both thoroughly analyze the games and also describe the historical and cultural dimensions of the event. The games are presented using many diagrams, each with only a few new moves, so that the games can be followed and understood without setting up a board. This large format study provides an unusual depth of insight into some famous and important games. Like John Power's 'Invincible' a book of world class that can rank with the best books on go originally written in Asian languages.

Language English
Author Fairbairn, John
Publisher Slate & Shell
Edition 2.
Medium Book
Weight 600 g
Width 21.5 cm
Height 28 cm
Pages 297
ISBN-10 1932001476
ISBN-13 9781932001471
Year of Publication 2011
Binding paperback

001 Preface

003 The Players

003 Kitani Minoru

013 Go Seigen

025 Prelude to the Match

029 Game 1: The one with the nosebleed

068 Game 2: The one with the new baby and the frightening move

081 Game 3: The one with Aesop's fable

100 Game 4: The one with the nightingales

129 Game 5: The one with the fragrant mats

140 Game 6: The one with the shaven head

154 Game 7: The one with the red ink

162 Game 8: The one with the sanrensei

171 Game 9: The one that was Kitani's masterpiece

183 Game 10: The one that ended the suffering

191 Postlude

193 Appendix 1: Chronology in Japan/China and the go world from Go's arrival in Japan

194 Appendix 2: Complete list of surviving games between Kitani and Go

197 Appendix 3: Technical notes

201 Index