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Magic of Placements

328 pages, paperback, Yutopian, 1. edition 2009.

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Making a placement-plunging into the center of your oppo­nent's area to destroy eye space or shape or to reduce territory-is full of excitement. In some cases, it will decide who wins a game.

On the other hand, the side against which the placement was played will panic and start to get scared. What exactly is my opponent aiming for? A surprising intrusion like this can easily make you lose your cool.

This book takes a broad look at the power of placement tech­niques, and their countermeasures, from joseki to the endgame. Considering the practical and psychological effects of placements, the destructive power of these moves can only be attributed to magic rather than physical power.

Let us explore two sides of placement techniques: the conditions needed to be able to use this magic and the defensive measures that break the spell.


Nihon Ki-in

Language English
Author Ki-in, Nihon
Publisher Yutopian
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 440 g
Width 14.8 cm
Height 21 cm
Pages 328
ISBN-13 9781889554204
Year of Publication 2009
Binding paperback

001 Introduction: Terms and Conditions for Placements

023 Chapter 1: Life and Death Placements

125 Chapter 2: Endgame Placements

227 Chapter 3: Placements for Fighting

Magic of Placements