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Art.-No.: LXGIDTF25Y
Out of Production

New in Chess - The First 25 Years

398 pages, paperback, New in Chess, 2009.

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This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

Ever since its launch in 1984, New In Chess has been the most popular and widely-read chess magazine in the world, with a readership that ranges from world champions to the humblest club player. No other magazine in chess history can boast such a glittering array of world-class grandmasters amongst its regular contributors.

Now, to mark the 25 th anniver­sary of the magazine's launch, New In Chess: The First 25 Years brings you an anthology of its best and most entertain­ing articles over the period. From tournament reports, annotated games, interviews, historical articles, endgame analyses, and much, much more, the book offers a unique perspective on the chess of the past quarter of a century.

Here you can read inside accounts of many of the greatest chess stories of the past 25 years, including Kasparov's stunning retirement announcement in 2005, Fischer's final years in Iceland, how Kramnik took the world title from Kasparov in 2000, and how Anand took the same title from Kramnik himself, eight years later. The many interviews in the book include no fewer than nine world champions, plus countless other leading grandmasters.

Language English
Author Giddins, Steve
Publisher New in Chess
Medium Book
Weight 730 g
Width 17 cm
Height 23.5 cm
Pages 398
ISBN-13 9789056912963
Year of Publication 2009
Binding paperback

007 Preface

011 Interview Mikhail Botvinnik [1984/0]

017 Jeroen Piket, an early game [1984/1]

018 The inimitable Tigran Petrosian [1984/2]

026 John Nunn's best ever: Beliavsky-Nunn, Wijk aan Zee 1985 [1985/4]

030 Tony Miles: Impossible challenge [1985/11]

043 Tim Krabbe, king of chess curiosities [1987/3]

050 Ricardo Calvo: One bridge too far [1986/8]

053 Bent Larsen: Too much preparation [1988/3]

057 Boris Spassky: 'I like to play with the hands' [1988/7]

063 Jan Timman: J.H. Donner obituary [1989/1]

067 Sofia Polgar: Three is company! [1989/2]

070 Garry Kasparov: 'I guess that I am continuing Fischer's fight' [1989/7]

80 Lajos Portisch: I'm too aggressive'[1990/3]

088 Interview Lev Polugaevsky [1990/7]

091 Hans Ree: Michael Basman, 'The Killer Grob' [1991/4]

094 Vasily Smyslov: My Collected Studies [1991/5]

100 Anand baffles Commonwealth of Independent Chess Stars [1992/1]

108 Genna Sosonko: My Misha [1992/5]

115 Jan Timman: Spassky-Tal, Tallinn 1973 [1992/5]

117 Bobby Fischer: A self-destructive legend? [1992/7]

123 Garry Kasparov: 'Bobby Fischer is an alien' [1992/7]

125 Hans Ree: Kasparov and Short happy together [1993/2]

129 Interview Florencio Campomanes [1993/7]

140 Linares 1994: Anatoly Karpov - 9 wins 4 draws [1994/3]

149 Anatoly Karpov, 'the best player of the moment' [1994/3]

155 Kasparov takes a healthy bite out of the Big Apple [1995/7]

165 Ivanchuk-Shirov: 21.Qg7!! The most spectacular move ever? [1996/2]

167 In memory of a teacher: Genrikh Kasparian [1996/2]

173 Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: I have plans until the year 2000' [1996/7]

182 Anand-Karpov, Las Palmas 1996 [1997/1]

185 Kasparov self-destructs in Deep Blue rematch [1997/3]

196 The life and times of Erich Eliskases (1913-1997) [1997/3]

203 Expensive blitz game earns Anand ticket to Lausanne [1998/1]

208 Valery Salov: Going Dutch, Monicagate and More [1998/2]

215 Miles-Short, Torquay 1998 [1998/6]

218 Kasparov-Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1999 [1999/2]

221 The unorthodox explorations of Rolf Martens [1999/8]

228 Hans Ree: Scorn for the barbarians [2000/1]

234 Khalifman-Leko, Linares 2000 [2000/3]

240 Genna Sosonko: The jump [2000/3]

249 Kramnik joins the club [2000/8]

260 Jan Timman: Five easy pieces [2001/1]

267 Kasparov tears down Kramnik's Berlin Wall [2001/5]

270 Viktor Kortchnoi, the 'youngest player' in Biel [2001/6]

274 David Bronstein's quest for creativity [2002/1]

283 Jan Timman remembers Tony Miles: 'Afraid of the Caro-Kann?' [2002/1]

287 Matthew Sadler: Mission impossible? [2003/2]

291 Jonathan Rowson: Who's complaining about Hastings? [2004/1]

297 Interview Judit Polgar [2004/1]

304 Magnus Carlsen's Wijk aan Zee debut [2004/2]

308 Interview Rustam Kasimdzhanov [2004/6]

313 The day Kasparov quit [2005/3]

321 Topalov's Magnificent Seven [2005/8]

332 Veselin Topalov: 'I guess the problem was the result, not the table.' [2005/8]

337 Garry Kasparov: Another Linares spectator [2006/3]

352 Alexander Morozevich, an unpredictable genius [2008/1]

361 In the footsteps of Icelandic citizen Bobby Fischer [2008/2]

378 Jan Timman: Magnus Carlsen's technique [2008/5]

385 The winner takes it all. Anand-Kramnik, Bonn 2008 [2008/8]

388 Interview Vishy Anand [2008/8]

392 Just Checking

394 Index of names

New in Chess - The First 25 Years