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Shredder 9 - english version

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  • Original Fritz-Bedienungsoberfläche. Mit vielen Funktionen für Anfänger, Klubspieler und Großmeister sowie Zugang (12 Monate) zum ChessBase Internet-Schachserver

  • Neue turniererprobte Eröffnungsbibliothek: Die erweiterte und verbesserte Shredder-Eröffnungs-Datenbank bietet für jede Eröffnungsstellung umfangreiche statistische Informationen. Außerdem: Aktuelle Datenbank mit 500.000 Partien

  • Endspieldatenbank: Endspieldatenbank mit der vollständigen Analyse aller Endspiele mit drei und vier Figuren wird mitgeliefert. Ein Schatz für Studienkomponisten.

For computer chess experts Shredder is the number one choice. Nobody can ignore its amazing seven computer chess world championship titles, won at Jakarta 1996, Paderborn 1999, London 2000, Maastricht 2001, 2002, Graz 2003 and Tel Aviv 2004.

  • You can configure the “engine” - the module that calculates chess move - and change the program parameters to actually improve its performance in practical games. After “tuning” your Shredder you can test the engine in Internet games played automatically on the ChessBase chess server

  • Original Fritz interface: Included in the Shredder 9 pack age is the latest Fritz interface with extensive training and entertainment features for beginners, club players and grandmasters.

  • Shredder9 also gives you full and free access to the ChessBase Playchess server (1 year), where you can play games against people all over the world. Naturally the Shredder 9 engine runs under the Fritz interface.

  • Endgame database: Shredder 9 gives you perfect access to the endgame databases. These contain perfect play information on all three and four piece endings.

  • Tournament openings book: The enhanced and extended Shredder openings book gives you full statistical information for every move that has been played in the current position. In addition you get a database with 500,000 historic and current games.

Shredder’s world championship titles: Jakarta 1996: World micro-computer chess champion, Paderborn 1999: Computer chess world champion , London 2000: World micro-computer chess champion, Maastricht 2001: World micro-computer chess champion, Maastricht 2002: Computer chess blitz world champion, Graz 2003: Computer chess world champion and blitz world champion, Tel Aviv 2004: Computer chess blitz world champion

More Information
Weight 100 g
Manufacturer ChessBase
Medium CD
Import CBF, CBH, PGN
Export CBF, CBH, PGN
Number of games 500.000
Author Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
Required CPU min. Pentium
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows XP
Language English
Copy Protection unlimited installations
Sound Board Yes
Functions 3D board, alternate moves, analyse database, ana­lyse game, annotations, autoplayer, au­to­ma­tic re­play, calculations configurable, correspondence chess administration, ECO display, ECO-classification, ELO evaluation, end­game data­bases, layout configurable, learning ability, library extendable, online help, opening name, position tree, recognition of positions, search for names, tournaments etc., search for positions, style configurable, tea­ching op­tion, transpostions, variations
Print AnalyseDatei, diagram as graphic, game
Ports DGT Board
Elo (Hardware) 2700 (PIV)