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Art.-No.: CMTCAE
Out of Production

Talking Chess Academy/english

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This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

The world's first stand alone talking chess computer with 100 interactive voice* commentary lessons ( ENGLISH VERSION)

  • Communicates the most advanced chess teaching techniques through hours of continuous speech.
  • LED light on every square makes the learning process easy.
  • 100 levels of play to keep pace with your progress.
  • 10 "Teach Topics", each containing no less than 10 individual interactive voice prompted lessons, to take you further into the complexities of the game:
  • Rules of Chess - Everything from chess notations to how pieces move.
  • Simple Endgames - Learn how to mate in simple endgames.
  • Simple Openings - Use of centre pawns; control of centre; knight then bishop; through to command of the centre and opening traps.
  • Opening Theory - Teaches classic openings, such as Italian, Spanish, Russian, Scottish, Sicilian and more.
  • Classic Openings - Introduces more advanced openings, such as Queen's Gambit, King's Indian, Grunfeld Indian, English and more.
  • Tactics in Chess - Learn all about sacrifices, pins, forks, skewers, doublechecks.
  • Pawn Structures - Why are pawns important, pawn structure, centre pawns, double pawns and more.
  • Mating Nets - Teaches you lessons from very important Mates in history, such as Anastasia Mate, Greek Mate, Morphy's Mate and more.
  • Famous Chess Games - Studies of famous games with practice and commentary.
  • World Masters - Studies of famous games from the Grandmasters with practice and commentary on the lessons learned.
  • New "soft touch system" for easiest piece sensing and comfort of use.
Elo (manufacturer) 1900
Manufacturer Mephisto
Weight 2.4 kg
Width 41 cm
Height 4 cm
Length 27 cm
Field square 25 mm
King's Size 48 mm
Board Size 19.5 cm
Opening book 6,000 half moves
PCI Rate 10 MHz
Functions coaching, handicap-levels, position evaluation, tea­ching op­tion
Levels 100
solves mate 8 moves
Number of batteries 6
Batterien Baby
making a move touch sensory board
LCD Features clock, coaching, depth of search, evaluation, moves, variations
Year of Publication 2003
take-back (ply) 64 half moves

Talking Chess Academy/english