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The Closed Sicilian

DVD-box, ChessBase, 1. edition 2009.

From the Series »Fritz Trainer Opening«

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For players who lack either the time or inclination to study reams of opening theory the Closed Sicilian (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 followed by 3.g3) is an excellent choice. The two great exponents of this method of play were World Champions Vassily Smyslov and Boris Spassky. These days it's the top English Grandmasters Michael Adams and Nigel Short who are its leading exponents.

During the early stages White quietly builds strong central fortifications and gains space on the kingside. Despite the quiet appearance of this plan, in the middle game this can lead to a ferocious onslaught against Black's king. On this DVD Nigel Davies introduces the viewer to the different strategies and variations through a series of instructive games. His presentation caters mainly for players who wish to play White, but he also points out the best methods of defence for Black. This makes it essential viewing for players wishing to play either colour.

Video running time: 4.5 hours

Nigel Davies has been an International Grandmaster since 1993 and is a former British Open Quickplay and U21 Champion. He has had considerable experience in both the Scotch and in teaching club level players.

System requirements:

  • Pentium-Processor at 300 Mhz or higher
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • DVD drive
  • mouse
  • soundcard

Language English
Author Davies, Nigel
Publisher ChessBase
Series Fritz Trainer Opening
Edition 1.
Medium DVD
Weight 100 g
ISBN-13 9783866811201
Year of Publication 2009
Binding DVD-box

"Seine" Eröff­nung ist langsam, das geschlossene System im Sizilianer. Dort braucht es weniger kon­krete Varianten zur Instandhaltung, hier ist das Ineinandergreifen von Figurenmanövern relevant. Wassili Smyslow, Boris Spasski, Lajos Portisch und Anatoli Karpow sind die Helden, die in den 60er und 70er Jahren Mo­dellpartien schufen, und heute sind Michael Adams und Nigel Short Trendsetter. Diese DVD ist für Neulinge dieser Spielweise ge­eignet, denn die 19 Beispiele drehen sich um die entstehenden Zugfolgen im fünften und sechsten Zug. Es geht um die Grundlagen, aber auch um neuere Entwicklungen, wobei 2. Sc3 zurückgestellt oder gar nicht gespielt wird (u. a. 2. Sa3, 2. d3 oder 2. g3). Wem der große Besitzstand der scharfen Sizilianer zu viel ist, der sollte diese Schatztruhe öffnen.

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung

Harald Fietz, Schach Magazin 64 10/2009

The Closed Sicilian