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The King’s Indian According to Tigran Petrosian

424 pages, paperback, Russel, 1. edition 2019.

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Tigran Petrosian, the ninth world chess champion, was one of the deepest thinkers the chess world has ever seen. His handling of complex strategic positions was legendary. Now, for the first time, Russian international master Igor Yanvarjov has put together a superb collection of virtually all the known games played by Petrosian - with both colors - in the King’s Indian Defense and other closely related Indian structures.

The author’s objective was, first of all, to reveal the richness of Petrosian’s chess world and to follow the strategic development of the King’s Indian Defense through the prism of Petrosian’s creative work. He does this with the presentation of almost 300 deeply annotated, complete games.

This splendid collection of annotated games will not only have enormous appeal to King’s Indian aficionados, but to all chessplayers who wish to expand their understanding of the strategic concepts underpinning the royal game as a whole.

Language English
Author Yanvarjov, igor
Publisher Russel
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 730 g
Width 17.9 cm
Height 25.4 cm
Pages 424
ISBN-13 978-1-941270-57-8
Year of Publication 2019
Binding paperback

004 Preface by Levon Aronian

005 Foreword by Igor Zaitsev

009 From the Author

012 Part I Tabiyas

015 Chapter 1 Classical Variation

061 Chapter 2 The Sämisch System

126 Chapter 3 The Fianchetto Variation

201 Chapter 4 The Benoni

264 Chapter 5 Other Systems

297 Part II Elements of Success

297 Chapter 6 Portrait of a Chess Player

321 Chapter 7 Lessons from Petrosian

335 Chapter 8 The Problem of the Exchange

343 Chapter 9 “Furman’s Bishop&rdquo

348 Chapter 10 “Pawns are the soul of chess&rdquo

351 Chapter 11 Playing by Analogy

356 Chapter 12 Maneuvering Battle

363 Part III Experiments

363 Chapter 13 Realist or Romantic?

379 Chapter 14 The King’s Indian with Colors – and Flanks – Reversed

406 In Lieu of a Postscript


407 Index of Opponents

410 Bibliography

412 Index of Tabiyas

420 ECO/Opening/Tabiya Index


The King’s Indian According to Tigran Petrosian