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Vienna Game and Gambit

191 pages, paperback, Chess Digest, 2. edition 1992.

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This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

Language English
Author Santasiere, Anthony E.
Smith, Ken
Publisher Chess Digest
Edition 2.
Medium Book
Weight 280 g
Width 13.9 cm
Height 21.5 cm
Pages 191
ISBN-10 0875682049
Year of Publication 1992
Binding paperback




009 SECTION I - 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6

010 I-A 3.Bc4 Nf6

011 I-A1 4.f4 (4...d6, 4...Bc5 & 4...ef in notes)

013 I-A1a 4...Bb4

014 I-A1b 4...Nxe4!

017 I-A2 4.d3

018 I-A2a 4...Na5

024 I-A2b 4...Bb4

025 I-A2b1 5.Ne2

028 I-A2b2 5.Nf3

031 I-A2b3 5.Bg5

034 I-B 3.f4 ef (3...Bc5 & 3...d6 in notes)

035 I-B1 4.Nf3

040 I-B2 4.d4

043 SECTION - 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6

044 II-A 3.Bc4

044 II-A1 3...Bb4

046 II-A2 3...d6

048 II-A3 3...b5?!

049 II-A4 3...c6

053 II-A5 3...Nxe4 The most important try

054 II-A5a 4.Nf3?! (Boden-Kieseritsky Gambit)

056 II-A5a1 4...Nxc3 5.dxc3 f6! 6.0-0 Qe7

058 II-A5a2 4...Nxc3 5.dxc3 f6! 6.0-0 g6

060 II-A5a3 4...Nxc3 5.dxc3 f6! 6.0-0 Nc6

062 II-A5a4 4...Nxc3 5.dxc3 f6! 6.0-0 d6

064 II-A5b 4.Qh5! Nd6 5.Bb3 (5.Qxe5ch in notes)

066 II-A5b1 5...Be7

068 II-A5b2 5...Nc6 The recommended line that books claim refutes the Vienna. New analysis or this 1992 revised edition carries it beyond any existing analysis for a White advantage.

081 II-B 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4 (3.g3 in notes) 3...d5 4.fxe (4.d3 and 4.d4 in notes) 4...Nxe4

084 II-B1 5.Nf3

096 II-B2 5.Qf3

097 II-B3 5.d3

100 SECTION III - 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Bc5 3.Bc4 (in notes 3.Na4, 3,Nf3 and the recommended 3.f4!)

103 III-A 3...Nf6 (also the move order 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.Bc4 Bc5 are used)

104 III-A1 4.f4

106 III-A2 4.d3

107 III-A21 4...d6

107 III-A211 5.Bg5

110 III-A212 5.f4

114 III-A213 5.Be3

115 III-A22 4...Nc6

118 III-B 3...d6

120 SECTION IV (Illustrative Game Information)



Vienna Game and Gambit