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Art.-No.: LGYOO100TFAP2

100 Tips for Amateur Players II

222 pages, paperback, Oromedia, 1. edition 2008.

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What is the best way to make '100 Tips for Amateur Players II' best? That question was in my mind for a while.

Hard problems could be helpful for amateurs. But I have decided to make '100 Tips for Amateur Players II' with easy problems.

I think it must be easy if something is essential and only 100.

Now I am happy to show my new work to my readers. I am sure that you will be able to meet easy but fun and useful problems in' 100 Tips for Amateur Players II'. This book is composed of three parts: Life & Death, Invasion and Attack. Each part has J J problems. Probably all of them are those that you can encounter frequently in the actual game.

In my opinion the attraction of baduk is in 'Attack and Invasion'. This kind of thinking is from the fact that my baduk style is aggressive.

Most of amateurs tend to love 'Attack'. Fighting can make them exciting. Yet if he is lack of the ability to find a vital points in a battle, he can never beat the opponent.

It has been 2 years since I came here to Europe. In this book I did my best to give all I have to my european baduk friends. I hope it will be a good chance to help them.

Finally, I give thanks to Chang-sam Cho who continuously helped to give my courage and encouragement, to the staff of Orornedia. Gwak Jeong the translator. my mother and to all my Baduk friends in Europe and none the least to the readers.

June, 2008, Young Sun Yoon

Language English
Author Gwak, Jeong
Yoon, Youngson
Publisher Oromedia
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 360 g
Width 15.2 cm
Height 22.5 cm
Pages 222
ISBN-13 9788990079596
Year of Publication 2008
Binding paperback
  • Part 1.

007 Life and Death

  • Part 2.

081 Invasion

1. 3 . 3 Invasion in the shape of the three-star formation 3

2. 3 . 3 Invasion in the large knight's enclosure

3. 3 . 3 Invasion in knight's enclosure

4. 3 . 3 Invasion in one-space enclosure

5. 3 . 3 Invasion in the diagonal attachment

6. Low invasion in the shape of the three-star formation

7. Invasion in the shape of the 4.4 three-space extention

8. Invasion to check the side 1

9.Invasion to check the side 2

10. Invasion to check side 3

11. Invasion after 3 . 4 point pattern

  • Part 3.

159 Attack

100 Tips for Amateur Players II