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A Chess Course: From Beginner to Winner


406 pages, paperback, Everyman, 1. edition 2017

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Three brilliant books from Everyman Chess in One volume and an essential guide to to the new chess player.

  • Starting Out in Chess by Byron Jacobs (2002)

  • Rapid Chess Improvement by Michael de la Maza (2003)

  • Tips for Young Players by Matthew Sadler (1999)

Starting Out in Chess: International Master Byron Jacobs provides a thorough grounding of the game. This is the first book in the Starting Out series and is for newcomers to chess and those looking to improve their game.

Rapid Chess Improvement is the ideal book for serious adult players who want to improve. It describes a study plan which came about thanks to a re-evaluation of standard chess teaching and includes several unique components aimed at improving deficiencies in the play of adult players.This book is the only one of its kind for the simple reason that it has been written by an author who hugely improved his own rating over a 12 month period by following his own advice. He therefore fully understands the challenges faced by enthusiastic players who are relatively new to the game. This is in sharp contrast to most books aimed at this level which are usually written by very strong players who have long forgotten what it feels like to be starting out in the game.

Tips for Young Players: Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, answers key questions such as: Which openings should I play ? How do I learn to spot tactics? What do I need to know about the endgame?

More Information
Weight 690 g
Manufacturer Everyman
Width 17 cm
Height 24,5 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2017
Author Byron JacobsMichael de la MazaMatthew Sadler
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 9781781944592
Pages 406
Binding paperback

Starting out in chess:

005 1. How the Game is played

012 2. Meet the Pieces

028 3. Notation and Unusual Moves

043 4. Winning and Drawing Games

054 5. It's a Material World

070 6. Introducing Tactics

090 7. Introducing Opening Play

102 8. Introducing Strategy

112 9. Solutions to Exercises

Rapid Chess Improvement:

006 Acknowledgements

007 Bibliography

009 Foreword

011 Introduction

025 Chess Vision Drills

041 The Seven Circles

060 How to Think

077 Practical Tactics

089 Success with Rapid Chess Improvement

106 What to do next: Thoughts on becoming an Expert and a Master

124 Solutions to Exercises

Tips for young players:

005 1. The Opening: General Principles

019 2. The Middlegame: General Principles

038 3. Middlegame Tactics

050 4. Endgame Principles

064 5. Building an Opening Repertoire

075 6. Let's Go!

095 7. The Middlegame: Attacking Play

105 8. The Middlegame: Positional Play

124 9. Endgame Play

136 10. Training and Thoughts for the Future

150 11. Solutions to Exercises

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