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Active Pieces

254 pages, paperback, Mongoose, 1. edition 2017

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You're booked up on your openings and know the Philidor and Lucena positions hands down, but how to convert all that theoretical knowledge into points against flesh-and-blood opponents? Jay Bonin, the "Iron Man of Chess," shares the keys to victory as he's learned them over four decades of competitive play. Is it better to complicate the game, or to keep it simple? How do you create winning chances against a player who's happy to make a draw? When's the right time to trade queens? How to handle today's fast time controls? Using games selected from a career spanning more than three thousand tournaments, IM Bonin offers the answers to these and other practical questions that every chessplayer faces as the clock is ticking.

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Weight 350 g
Manufacturer Mongoose
Width 15,2 cm
Height 22,8 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2017
Author Jay BoninGreg Keener
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 978-1-936277-76-6
Pages 254
Binding paperback

005 Acknowledgements

007 About This Book

009 Foreword

011 Preface

015 Chapter 1: Keep It Complicated, Stupid

043 Chapter 2: Oh, No - Not You Again!

066 Chapter 3: The Art of the Irrefusable Draw Offer

079 Chapter 4: Thet's No Way To Treat A Lady

094 Chapter 5: Avoiding Dead Draws

108 Chapter 6: The Endgame

134 Chapter 7: Chess "Rope-a-Dope"

152 Chapter 8: Beating Grandmasters

195 Chapter 9: Tactical Potpourri

213 Solutions

246 Index of Games

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