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Modern Postal Masterpieces

141 pages, paperback, Thinkers' Press, 1. edition 1994

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What Makes A Great Postal Chess Player?
"Chess Life" columnist and chess master Alex Dunne offers insight to this question by presenting 50 games of the best in the business - more than half of them annotated by the winner. The notes offer depth and an occasional touch of humor. Here you will find these maestros in action doing what they do best in chess.
America's best play other strong opponents from the USA and around the world in top events. For the first time in a book on postal chess photos of these masters as well as some background details bring them to literary life.
Author of several popular chess books, Alex Dunne, also included in this work, has been involved in all kinds of chess competition, and postal chess is one of his favorites.

It is one of the better-kept secrets of chess that postal players play a much stronger brand of chess than OTB players do, with less errors and blunders. Postal players' analysis is deeper, and their strategy is more profound. This is not because postal players are inherently better than OTB players, but simply because postal players can better budget their time to delve the secrets of the position than OTB players. With days instead of minutes t<p find the truth of a position, postal chess becomes the highest standard of our game.
In 1990, ICCF Secretary Max Zavanelli inaugurated the Top 50 List, a compilation of the best postal players in the United States. This list was difficult to put together because there are many postal organizations in the US (unlike many other countries where there is a single postal organization), and there are a variety of rating systems. Consequently, there is a lot of subjectivity in establishing such a list, but constant updating eventually brings the list into sharper and sharper focus. The denizens of this book are taken from the 1992 Top 50 List, with some modifications. I hope that those whom I left off understand that it was impossible to include everyone, and that those who were on the list forgive me for requesting their games to be included here.
I wrote to the top 50 players and requested them to send a game or two, well annotated, for this book. I believe that in this way readers can get a flavor of how our top correspondents think and analyze in a game. I did not set any rules for the selection of these games other than that the player himself should select the game he wanted to annotate. Consequently, in this collection we have brilliant attacking games, careful defensive games, great endgames, and a surprise or two! The results are as follows. I trust the reader will enjoy!
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EAN 093865070X
Weight 200 g
Manufacturer Thinkers' Press
Width 15 cm
Height 22.7 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 1994
Author Alex Dunne
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-10 093865070X
Pages 141
Binding paperback
vii Introduction

The winners (annotated)
Aronoff, Irene
1. T. Saemundsson (Iceland)-Irene Aronoff, ICCF 1984-87
French Defense
005 Barbre, Stephen
2. James Bovay III-S. Barbre, USCF Absolute 1991
English Opening
008 Blechar, Michael
3. Johann Hansen-M. Blechar, CCLA Ch. 1988
Larsen's Opening
011 Bovay , James III
4. J. Bovay Ill - Gil Ellithorpe, 5USCCC
English Opening
014 Callaway, Joseph
5. Marc Lonoff-J. Callaway, 7USCCC Finals
Dutch Defense
018 Carlson, Curt
6. Curtis Carlson-Thomas Mueller, 4USCCC
French Defense
022 Contoski, Victor
7. V. Contoski-Fred Payne, 3USCCC Finals
French Defense
026 Crane, Carold
8. H. Crane-Thomas Mueller, 4CCLA Ch. 1988-89
Benko Reverse
031 DeVault, Roy
9. Roy DeVault-Paul L. Thompson, 7CCLA Championship
Sicilian Defense
036 Dunne, Alex
10. Aleksandar Brancic-Dunne, TCC Silver Horse 1991
Ruy Lopez
040 Eisen, David
11. D. Eisen-Curtis Carlson, CCLA Master Cl. Ch. 1988
Sicilian Defense
044 Embrey, Kevin
12. Gary Kubach-K. Embrey, Finnish Jubilee Inv. 1991-92
French Defense
048 Fleetwood, dan
13. Dan Fleetwood-Stephen Gerzadowicz, 8USCCC Final
Modern Defense
052 Golyak, Isay
14. I. Golyak-Daniel Horwitz, Horowitz Memorial 1989-91
Nimzo-lndian Defense
055 Hickman, Herbert
15. Herbert Hickman-Allan Jonasson, USA-Sweden Match
English Opening
060 Kubach, Gary L.
16. G. L. Kubach-IM Karl Dehmelt, Horowitz Memorial 1991
Ruy Lopez
064 Levtne, Alfred
17. Alfred Levine-Willy Leroy (Belgium), ICCF
Nimzo-Indian Defense
067 Muir, Walter
18. Walter Muir-R. M. Jacobs, ICCF Anglo-Pacific 1991-92
Two-Knights Defense
070 Osbun, Erik
19. Erik Osbun-Morris Lainer, Anglo-Pacific Master Tnmt. 1989
Ruy Lopez
077 Owen, Louis B.
20. John Vehre, Jr.-L. Owen, TCC Masters Tnmt. 1988
English Opening
082 Palciauskas, Victor
21. Vladimir Zagorovsky-Victor Palciauskas, Axelson Memorial
Ruy Lopez
086 Spitzer, Richard
22. R. Spitzer-N. Eric Pedersen, USCF Absolute Ch.
French Defense
090 Tears, Tred
23. Fred Tears-Eugene Martinovsky, V N. Amer. Inv. CC Ch. 1986-88
Ruy Lopez
095 van Dyck, Chris
24. Claes Lofgren (Denmark)-Chris van Dyck, XV World Ch.
English Opening
100 Wolff, Steve
25. S. Wolff-Thomas Mueller, North American 1980
Reti Opening
103 Zavanelli, Max
26. M. Zavanelli-David Taylor, Region VII Corres. Ch. 1984
Center Counter Game
108 Zilberberg, Alik
27. I. Schwidun-A. Zilberberg, llth European Ch. 1973-74
Grunfeld Defense

The Winners (unannotated)
Abram, Gary
28. Gary Abram-W. Groiss, XIV World Championship 1990
Sicilian Defense
114 Callaghan, Richard
29. Richard Callaghan-L. Centeral, ICCF 1969
Caro-Kann Defense
115 Camaratta, Frank
30. P. Markalan-Frank Camaratta, X Olympiad 1991
Ruy Lopez
116 Cayford, Tony
31. M. Noble-Tony Cayford, Anglo-Pacific Area Tournament 1992
Sicilian Defense
117 Dehmelt, Karl
32. Karl Dehmelt-M. Alcock, II North American Team Tnmt.
Sicilian Defense
118 Demauro, Joseph
33. I. Golyak-Joseph DeMauro, Horowitz Memorial
Nimzo-Indian Defense
119 Domanski, Robert
34. Robert Domanski-R. Steele, APCT Rook Championship 1984
French Defense
120 Espinosa, Paul
35. Joseph Callaway-Paul Espinosa, National Team Ch. 1992
Queen-Pawn Game
121 Gibbons, Bart
36. T. Tiits-Bart Gibbons, XVI World Championship 1992
Sicilian Defense
122 Haessler, Carl
37. Carl Haessler-J. Armstrong, V North American Invitational
Larsen Opening
123 Hux, Robert
38. Robert Hux-James O'Brien, USCF Absolute 1989
English Opening
124 Johnson, Robert
39. Robert Johnson-Robert Perry, 7USCCC
Queen's Gambit Declined
125 Jones, C.Bill
40. C. Bill Jones-A. Schakarow, XII World Championship
Caro-Kann Defense
126 Liebowitz, Errol
41. Errol Liebowitz-Robert Hux, USCF Absolute 1983
Owen's Defense
127 Maillard, William
42. Poul Rasmussen-William Maillard, Denmark-USA Match
French Defense
128 Martinovsky, Eugene
43. J. Armstrong-Eugene Martinovsky, V N. Amer. Invitational
Grunfeld Defense
129 O'Brien, James
44. James O'Brien-S. Gerzadowicz, USCF Absolute
Robatsch Defense
130 Penquite, John
45. R. Schultz-John Penquite, Northwest Correspondence 1985
Blumenfeld Countergambit
131 Preo, Nicholas
46. Nicholas Preo-H. Sarink, Canadian 60 Jubilee Tournament
Danish Gambit
132 Reynolds, Robert
47. J. Arboleda-Robert Reynolds, II Pacific Area Team Tnmt.
Sicilian Defense
133 Salgado, Rob
48. Rob Salgado-R. Konstanski, Golden Knights 1983
Colle Opening
134 Taylor, David
49. David Taylor-Tom Crispin, 7USCCC
Dutch Defense
135 Voth, Jonathan
50. Jonathan Voth-Spencer Kell, VI North American Invitational
English Opening

137 Index of Events
139 Index of Openings
140 Index of Players