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Practical Chess Beauty

464 pages, hardback, Quality, 1. edition 2018.

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Solving studies is well established as an effective method of chess improvement. In Practical Chess Beauty one of the world’s greatest study composers, Yochanan Afek, shares his finest creations.

Fire your imagination, gain a greater appreciation of chess geometry, and develop a finer feeling for the pieces’ potential by trying to find the ideas hidden in the hundreds of studies in this book. Or simply wonder at some of the most stunning chess moves ever conceived.

Yochanan Afek is an over-the-board IM from Israel who holds titles in almost every area of chess, including Grandmaster of Chess Composition. In a long and celebrated career, Afek has been a composer and a solver, a player and tournament organizer, as well as an arbiter and trainer.

From the Foreword by GM Emil Sutovsky:

The book you hold is full of energy; it is fresh and evidently written with a lot of love and passion for the game. Yochanan visibly enjoys sharing his knowledge and readily invites us into his magical world.&rdquo

Language English
Author Afek, Yochanan
Publisher Quality
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 1 kg
Width 17.7 cm
Height 24.7 cm
Pages 464
ISBN-13 978-1784830755
Year of Publication 2018
Binding hardback

004 Key to Symbols used & Useful Sources

005 Chess Composition Terminology

007 Preface – On the Search for Chess Beauty

009 Foreword by Emil Sutovsky

011 Chess with Yochanan by Amatzia Avni

021 1 The Ultimate Sacrifice

045 2 Mate

065 3 Domination

087 4 Forks

105 5 Pawns

143 6 Knights

185 7 Bishops

219 8 Rooks

255 9 Zwischenzugs

275 10 Systematic Manoeuvres

291 11 Various Tactics

313 12 Perpetual Check

337 13 Positional Draw

361 14 Underpromotions

391 15 Mutual Underpromotions

415 16 Problem Themes

439 17 Stalemate

462 Name Index

Practical Chess Beauty