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Go basics

160 pages, paperback, Tuttle, 1. edition 2006.

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This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

It's not surprising that Go is one of the oldest games still being played today - it's also one of the most challenging, stimulating, and fascinating games around.

GO BASICS provides a simple but thorough introduction that's perfect for beginners. With its easy to follow instructions - and over 600 diagrams showing examples of how to play - you'll be ready to enjoy this classic game right away.

It starts by focusing on smaller 9x9 games - making it easier to under­stand basic Go tactics and strategies - and introduces fundamental strategies such as invading, sacrificing, using ko, and thinking territorially - in this accessible format. It also explains Go's unique handicapping system, making every game - even those between beginners and experts - exciting.

GO BASICS also includes a CD-ROM developed by the American Go Association that will help you build your skills before testing them against other players.

Peter Shotwell is an internationally known expert on the relationship of Go to Eastern and Western philosophy, literature and history. He has been writing about Go for nearly twenty years and has lived in China, Tibet, and Japan while researching the origins and background of the game. He is also the author of Go! More Than A Game.

Language English
Author Shotwell, Peter
Publisher Tuttle
Edition 1.
Medium Book, CD
Weight 310 g
Width 19.1 cm
Height 22.8 cm
Pages 160
ISBN-13 9780804836883
Year of Publication 2006
Binding paperback

008 Acknowledgments

009 Introduction 009 About Go

009 A Short History of Go

014 Playing Go

017 Some Important Information about This Book and 9x9 Go


019 The Opening Game and the Mechanics of Go

021 CHAPTER 1: Starting to Play 021 The Opening Moves

022 Capture: The One Basic Rule of Go

025 CHAPTER 2: The Art of Capture 025 Capturing on the Edge of the Board

027 Capturing in the Corners

028 Capturing in the Middle of the Board

029 A Review of Capturing

031 The Capturing Game

033 CHAPTER 3: All about Ladders 034 Double Atari

036 The Ladder

037 Some Ladder Exercises

039 CHAPTER 4: Ladder Breakers, Loose Ladders, and Nets 039 Ladder Breakers

042 Nets and Loose Ladders

045 CHAPTER 5: Clever Moves 048 Some Tesuji Exercises


051 The Middle Game and the Strategies of Go

053 CHAPTER 6: Life with Two Eyes and Thinking Territorially 057 Understanding Eyes

059 False Eyes

062 CHAPTER 7: Dead or Alive? 062 Live and Dead Shapes

065 Some Examples of Life and Death

068 Live Groups in the Corners, Sides, and Center

070 CHAPTER 8: Running Fights in Sente and Gote 074 Reverse and Double Sente

076 CHAPTER 9: Ko and Seki 076 Ko

077 Ko Threats

080 Seki


083 The Endgame

085 CHAPTER 10: The Endgame I: The Beginner's Way 086 Aji

088 Two Simple but Wrong Ways to Play the Endgame

092 CHAPTER 11: The Endgame II: The Professional Way 093 A Professional Endgame

098 Continuing to the End

100 A Review of the Game


103 Advancing in Go

105 CHAPTER 12: Harnessing the Powers of Sacrifice 105 Sacrificial Maneuvering

108 A Bigger Sacrifice

112 CHAPTER 13: A Big Ko 114 Cross-Cuts

122 Hunting Down a Big Group

124 A Mistake in Ko

125 An Exercise

126 CHAPTER 14: Invading: Why, When, and Where? 126 Opening in the Center

129 Invasions

134 CHAPTER 15: On to the Big Board: A Review of Go Basics


139 Getting Started with Igowin 141 All about Ranks

143 Games with Igowin

144 25-Kyu

145 18-Kyu

147 17-Kyu

148 16-Kyu

150 15-Kyu

151 13-Kyu

153 Getting Better at Go




Go basics