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Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 1 1

232 pages, paperback, Kiseido, 1. edition 2009.

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The single most important task for kyu players who wish to reach dan level is to master the basic life-and-death patterns. Noth­ing has greater influence on the outcome of a game than a blunder that lets a group die or lets a dead enemy group live. When asked to advise weak players how to become stronger, professionals with­out exception stress the importance of developing your reading ability by studying the basic life-and-death positions that come up in actual play.

This book provides kyu players with the essential grounding in the basic life-and-death techniques that they need to develop deeper and more accurate reading and the knowledge that they need to com­pete as dan players. The level of the problems starts at around 5-kyu and works up to 3-dan level, with the majority in the 1- to 3-dan bracket. Dan players will also gain invaluable practice from review­ing the problems assembled here.

This book combines in one volume translations of two Japanese compilations.

Language English
Author Aoki, Masaru
Sato, Hirokazu
Publisher Kiseido
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 320 g
Width 15 cm
Height 21 cm
Pages 232
ISBN-13 9784906574612
Year of Publication 2009
Binding paperback

iv Translator's Preface

v Glossary of Go Terms Used in this Book

001 300 Life and Death Problems

Problems 1-300

Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 1 1