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Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 2 2

232 pages, paperback, Kiseido, 1. edition 2009.

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When you get into a fight, knowledge or ignorance of the right tesuji will make you or break you.

The biggest difference between kyu players and dan players is fighting ability. Perhaps the most important element in fighting is good judgment in choosing the timing and the objectives of the fight. However, good judgment is worth nothing without the fighting abil­ity to back it up, and the most important component in fighting abil­ity is the knowledge and skillful deployment of tesujis. This applies to all stages of the game, from the opening to the endgame. Josekis are at heart collections of tesujis and a one-point gain earned by an endgame tesuji may turn the result of a game around.

This book, which is a translation of two popular Nihon Ki-in collections for aspiring 1-dans and 3-dans, is a systematic compila­tion of the basic fighting tesujis that every dan player needs to know. Very few players, even those already of high-dan level, will have mastered all the tesujis presented here. Not only will careful study of these tesujis enable you to execute your fighting plans better, it will also broaden your tactical horizons by revealing to you new possibilities in the fighting and effectively deepen your understanding of go.

Language English
Author Aoki, Masaru
Sato, Hirokazu
Publisher Kiseido
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 310 g
Width 15 cm
Height 21 cm
Pages 232
ISBN-13 9784906574629
Year of Publication 2009
Binding paperback

iv Translator's Preface

v Glossary of Go Terms Used in this Book

001 300 Tesuji Problems

Book One: 5-kyu to 1-dan Problems 002 Chapter One: Tesujis that Appear in Josekis

Problems 1-70

051 Chapter Two: Tesujis for Capturing Stones and Winning Capturing Races

Problems 71-120

092 Chapter Three: Endgame Tesujis

Problems 121-150

Book Two: 1-dan to 3-dan Problems 111 Chapter Four: Tesujis that Appear in the Opening and Middle Game

Problems 151-200

152 Chapter Five: Tesujis for Capturing Stones and Winning Capturing Races

Problems 201-250

188 Chapter Six: Endgame Tesujis

Problems 251-300

Graded Go Problems for Dan Players, Vol. 2 2