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Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 1

288 pages, paperback, Chess Evolution, 1. edition 2019

From the series »Grivas Opening Laboratory«

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The author presents a full opening repertory for the club player, which is analysed in six volumes. In the books you will find many novelties for both sides, with a full move-to-move presentation. Furthermore, the reader will get access to middlegame strategies, endgame techniques and common tactical motifs, which are patterning the proposed variations.

In the first volume the openings of the Slav Defence, the Gruenfeld Defence and the Blumenfeld Gambit are presented.

More Information
Weight 550 g
Manufacturer Chess Evolution
Width 17 cm
Height 23,5 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2019
Author Efstratios Grivas
Series Grivas Opening Laboratory
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 978-615-5793-19-6
Pages 288
Binding paperback

005 Key to symbols

007 Foreword

011 Preface


017 Chapter 1. Black’s 5th-move Deviat - Various Lines

027 Chapter 2. Black’s 5th-move Deviat - 5...dxc4

043 Chapter 3. Black’s 7th-move Deviat - 7...dxc4

073 Chapter 4. Black’s 11th-move Deviat

079 Chapter 5. Black’s 12th-move Deviat

105 Chapter 6. Typical Middlegame Strategy

121 Chapter 7. Endgame Technique

137 Chapter 8. Tactical Motifs


147 Chapter 1. Black’s 4th-move Deviat - Various Lines

155 Chapter 2. Black’s 4th-move Deviat - Main Lines

195 Chapter 3. Typical Middlegame Strategy

213 Chapter 4. Endgame Technique

223 Chapter 5. Tactical Motifs


235 Chapter 1. Black’s 5th-move Deviat - Various Lines

245 Chapter 2. Black’s 5th-move Deviat - Main Lines

257 Chapter 3. Typical Middlegame Strategy

269 Chapter 4. Endgame Technique

277 Chapter 5. Tactical Motifs

283 Bibliography

285 Curriculum Vitae

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