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How to Play Equal Positions

228 pages, paperback, Chess Stars, 1. edition 2020

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The purpose of this book is to shed some light on the underlying principles that govern “boring” chess positions, bordering on equality. Such positions have gradually become the main dish of nowadays’ chess menu because people have increased their level, their stamina, their desire to grind down wins out of nothing.

The author proposes a clear streamlined method of thinking in dry equal positions without long-term plans. It is based mostly on correct evaluation and categorization of the position, and on move by move play.

The book is not for novices, it assumes that the readers have mastered the basics already and wish to make the next step in their chess development.

More Information
Weight 440 g
Manufacturer Chess Stars
Width 14,5 cm
Height 21,5 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2020
Author Vassilios Kotronias
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 978-619-7188-32-5
Pages 228
Binding paperback

004 Preface

Chapter 1

006 Handling equal positions without a clear plan. Rules that govern the play

Chapter 2

Equal positions with a choice of bailing out or playing on.

027 Calculated risk 27

Chapter 3

052 Common wise sayings. Do they apply to positions where not much is going on

052 Dealing with the slogan “It is better to play with a wrong plan than no plan whatsoever&rdquo

079 Plain-plan vs no-plan situations

094 "Attack is the best defence” syndrome

Chapter 4

145 Fighting the Fear of Exchanges

Chapter 5

177 Long-term Assets

Chapter 6

202 Overpressing

227 Game Index