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Irrational Chess

400 pages, paperback, Everyman, 1. edition 2023

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The vast majority of chess games witness familiar strategies and well known tactical motifs. These are the games that you will find in the anthologies and opening repertoires. Sometimes however, games appear that seem to have been played on a different planet.

Conventional strategies go out of the window. Familiar tactical themes are nowhere to be seen. Chaos has broken out. The pieces appear to be in open rebellion and are steadfastly refusing to do the natural jobs that they were designed for.

Having to navigate a path in such a game can be a nightmare. Do you rely purely on calculation? Is it better to trust your instincts? Can you assess the position using “normal” criteria?

In order to answer these questions, prolific chess author and coach Cyrus Lakdawala has assembled a collection of brilliantly unconventional and irrational games. The positions in these games appear almost random. Kings have gone walkabout, pieces are on bizarre squares, huge pawn rollers are sweeping all before them.

Irrational chess is like nothing you’ve seen before. As well as being highly instructive this is a hugely entertaining book.

Do not adjust your set. It’s chess, Jim, but not as we know it.

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Weight 810 g
Manufacturer Everyman
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2023
Author Cyrus Lakdawala
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 9781781946480
Pages 400
Binding paperback

003 About the Author

005 Bibliography

006 Introduction

012 1) Attack

134 2) Defence and Counterattack

180 3) The Dynamic Element

262 4) Exploiting Imbalances

324 5) Irrational Endings

334 6) Opening Shockers

365 7) Crazy Draws

378 8) Promotion Races

398 Index of Games