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Journey to the chess kingdom

284 pages, paperback, Chess Evolution, 1. edition 2014

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Weight 510 g
Manufacturer Chess Evolution
Width 17 cm
Height 24 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2014
Author Yuri AverbakhMichail Beilin
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 978-8393465668
Pages 284
Binding paperback

009 Introduction

010 An Ancient and Unusual Kingdom

013 Chapter One. The strict laws of the chess kingdom

017 Language of the chess pieces

018 Exercises

019 The Rules of pieces behavior

027 The Kings remain alive

028 Strange laws

029 What you see isn´t always what you get

033 Chapter Two. The King without the retinue

033 Two Rooks against the King

035 The Queen vs. The King

037 The Rook against the King

040 Two Bishops against the King

041 The Knight and the Bishop against the King

043 The Soldier becomes a general

045 A little body often harbors a great soul

048 Strive and seek

057 Chapter Three. The Guard defends the King

057 Without bodyguards

060 Storming the Royal Castle

064 Greek gifts

070 Weapons for all occasions

073 How lightning appears

076 Strive and seek

085 Chapter Four. The Commander's Alphabet

085 The soul of chess

087 Charmed squares

089 The Strong run from the weak

091 Roads to Victory

092 What is good?

101 Chapter Five. Reflections before the battle

103 A False start

106 The Three pillars of the opening

111 Chapter Six. Chess geography

112 Open games. Scotch game

115 Giuoco Piano - Italian Game

121 Two Knights Defense

124 Petroff´s Defense - Russian Game

125 Four Knights Defense

126 Ruy Lopez ( Spanish Game)

130 King´s Gambit

133 Semi-open games

133 Scandinavian Defense

133 French Defense

137 Caro Cann Defense

140 Alekhine´s Defense

142 Sicilian Defense

143 Closed Sicilian

143 Scheveningen Variation

144 Dragon Variation

147 Closed games

147 Queen´s Gambit Accepted

148 Queen´s Gambit

149 Slav Defense

151 King´s Indian Defense

152 Grunfeld Defense

152 Nimzo-Indian Defense

157 Chapter Seven. Win with ability, not with numbers

157 The weakest against the strongest

159 The Rook argues with the Queen

160 The death of a minor piece

161 Combat with the rook

162 The Three pillars of the endgame

167 Chapter Eight. The Treasury of the chess kingdom

167 The immortal game

168 To the music of Rossini

169 How the king went to war

170 The hunter becomes a victim

171 The punished pawn-eater

173 The Egg of Columbus

175 The Pursuit

176 Faster than time

177 The "Light-minded" queen

178 An Unusual concert

179 Variation 1 "Go on a wild-goose chase"

180 Variation 2 "The tragedy of one tempo"

181 Variation 3 "If you run after two hares, you will catch neither"

182 Variation 4 "Up and down"

183 Variation 5 "A Hymn for the passed pawn"

184 Variation 6 "Round the corner"

185 A magically true story

186 The Aquiline eye

187 Cutting the way through for bishops

188 The Finishing stroke

188 The Queen becomes a desperado

191 Lord of the storms

194 The Witty Inventor

194 Strive and seek

195 A thousand year-old task!

195 The Sword of Damocles

196 The Machine solved the problem

196 To any side

197 The Solution was quite simple

199 A Puzzle

200 Chapter Nine. The strongest

202 Wilhelm STEINITZ

204 Emanuel LASKER

208 José Raúl CAPABLANCA

211 Alexander ALEKHINE

213 Max EUWE

216 Mikhail BOTVINNIK

218 Vasily SMYSLOV

220 Mikhail TAL

222 Tigran PETROSIAN

225 Boris SPASSKY

228 Robert FISCHER

233 Anatoly KARPOV

236 Garry KASPAROV

238 Vladimir KRAMNIK

243 Viswanathan ANAND

249 Magnus CARLSEN

249 Chapter Ten. Chess of the space century

251 Space - Earth

264 The Machine plays chess

278 Solutions

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