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Art.-No.: LXGILLEN1961

Leningrad 1961

52 pages, stitched with jacket, The Chess Player, 1. edition 2009.

From the Series »Rare and Unpublished Tournaments«

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The tournament in Leningrad in August/September 1961 was both the 34 th Leningrad Championship and a semi-final of the 29 th USSR Championship. The tournament has not previously been published in the accepted sense.

The games in this book were taken from one of five copies of a typescript in Latvian which contains: the draw, various cross tables, the games, a list of pairings and results at the beginning of each round, a player index, a listing showing which games were published in the various Soviet magazines, a statement that only five copies were produced and an extensive list of corrections. Nothing more. Unfortunately, a number of the game scores contain additional errors some of which I have corrected but others defy explanation. In those cases the moves, as typed, have been reproduced here. Spassky went on to win the 29 th USSR Championship later in the year.

The article which appears here was published in Shakhmaty v SSSR in early 1962.

The order of the draw: 1 Osnos; 2 Furman; 3 Stolyar; 4 Geller; 5 Reshko; 6 Vladimirov; 7 Shishkin; 8 Tolush; 9 Vinogradov; 10 Usov; 11 Spassky; 12 Blechtsin; 13 Korelov; 14 Khavsky; 15 Taimanov; 16 Novotelnov; 17 Cherepkov; 18 Lyavdansky; 19 Artsukevich; 20 Byvshev.

It isn't easy to establish a definitive cross table for this event. The one that appears here is based on the games, results and brief comments that appear in the Latvian script. The problem centres round the treatment of the scores of the players that did not complete the tournament. It would seem that Cherepkov's scores were cancelled and those games not played by Blechtsin were defaulted. This would be in accordance with normal practice. However, one other game was awarded by default and then there are a further couple of queries!

A.J.Gillam, March 2009

Language English
Author Gillam, Anthony J.
Publisher The Chess Player
Series Rare and Unpublished Tournaments
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 100 g
Width 15 cm
Height 21.5 cm
Pages 52
ISBN-10 1901034665
Year of Publication 2009
Binding stitched with jacket
Diagrams 49

Leningrad 1961