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Life and Death Problems 1 - Basics

196 pages, paperback, 2013.

Incl. 7% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

The new life and death problems of different degrees of difficulty help kyu players to train their reading skill. The answers explain every relevant variation, so that the reader learns to read correctly and consider all important moves. Theory teaches the fundamentals, attack and defense of the eyespace, the five major types of liberty shortage and basic reading principles. The study of all basic meanings of moves includes single and multiple threats.

Language English
Author Jasie, Robert
Medium Book
Weight 260 g
Width 14.8 cm
Height 21 cm
Pages 196
Year of Publication 2013
Binding paperback

006 Introduction

008 Fundamentals

009 Aims

012 Sacrifice

015 Cut

017 Threatening to Cut

020 Connection

023 Removal

024 Capture

027 Giving Atari

029 Threatening to Give an Atari

033 Escaping From Atari

035 Preventing an Atari

038 Environment

038 Running

041 Connection to Another Group

046 Eyespace

046 Potential versus Final Eyespace

048 Eye

050 Simple Boundary Defects

053 Lake

055 Nakade

063 Eye Value

066 Fighting about an Eyespace

066 Protecting the Boundary of a Lake

069 Threatening to Create a Lake

072 Attacking a Lake

075 Creating a Nakade

078 Threatening to Create a Nakade

081 Creating a Partition

083 Threatening to Create a Partition

085 Preventing a Partition

088 Size of the Eyespace

088 Expansion

091 Reduction

093 Threatening a Reduction

096 Preventing a Reduction

099 Big Reduction

101 Preventing a Big Reduction

103 Throw-in

107 Threatening a Throw-in

110 Preventing a Throw-in

112 Threatening to Make an Eye by Removing a Throw-in

116 Liberty Shortage

116 Snapback

119 Threatening a Snapback

121 Preventing a Snapback

124 Creating a One-sided Approach Block

127 Threatening to Create a One-sided Approach Block

130 Preventing a One-sided Approach Block

134 Creating a Two-sided Approach Block

138 Threatening to Create a Two-sided Approach Block

141 Preventing a Two-sided Approach Block

144 Creating an External Liberty Shortage

147 Threatening to Create an External Liberty Shortage

150 Preventing an External Liberty Shortage

154 Creating an Internal Liberty Shortage

157 Threatening to Create an Internal Liberty Shortage

160 Preventing an Internal Liberty Shortage

163 Double Purpose

163 Double and Multi-purpose Moves

165 Double and Multiple Threat

168 Equal Options

171 Different Names for the Same Purpose

172 Basic Reading Principles

172 Obvious Move

174 Obviously Inferior Moves

175 Interesting Moves

179 Simplification

183 Mixed Problems

192 What Have We Learnt?

193 Index

Life and Death Problems 1 - Basics