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Art.-No.: LXGILODE1960

Odessa 1960

48 pages, stitched with jacket, The Chess Player, 1. edition 2009.

From the Series »Rare and Unpublished Tournaments«

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The games of this tournament were found in a bound notebook where they were written in pencil in Latvian. Seven games were missing which were supplied on a separate sheet, also in Latvian, apparently signed by Gipslis.

The book contains the 146 games, a cross table, progressive score table and a table giving the game number for each pairing. Before each round there is a list of the pairings with results, followed by the scores at the end of the round for each player. All of that material is reproduced here, as is the list of competitors.

On the reverse of the title page is the following paragraph:

"Games received from the central chess club of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, with permission of its director, comrade Z. Solmanis. Missing games received from master A. Gipslis, who copied them in Moscow and sent them by post. (When there was the return match between Tals and Botvinniks, he was in Moscow). The games were probably copied by Garkunovs, but one cannot rely on his accuracy."


1 Usov

2 Chistiakov

3 Zaharjan

4 Averbakh

5 Kotov

6 Listengarten

7 Gusev

8 Giterman

9 Nei

10 Roizman

11 Sokolsky

12 Blagidze

13 Stein

14 Bronstein

15 Furman

16 Vasjukov

17 Shianovsky

18 Saharov

A.J.Gillam, March 2009

Language English
Author Gillam, Anthony J.
Publisher The Chess Player
Series Rare and Unpublished Tournaments
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 100 g
Width 15 cm
Height 21.5 cm
Pages 48
ISBN-10 1901034677
Year of Publication 2009
Binding stitched with jacket
Diagrams 32

Odessa 1960