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Perceiving the Direction of Play

225 pages, paperback, Hinoki, 1. edition 2007.

From the Series »The Heart of Go«

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Determining the direction of play is a critical component of the game of go. If one does not understand the key factors that affect the upcoming flow of play one can easily flounder in the variations that develop. It can turn into a nightmare for beginners and experts alike.

Kobayashi Satoru 9 dan is a former Kisei titleholder and an acknowledged master of positional play. He presents situa­tions for the reader to analyze and then breaks down the relevant components to explain matters in an easily under­stood manner.

All of the positions are taken from actual games. In Chapter 1 he uses those of the earliest Japanese masters to illustrate the fundamentals of finding the direction of play while offering a fascinating account of the evolution of the art and how those players in the 16th century groped to come up with lucid theories about it. In subsequent chapters Kobayashi 9 dan uses his own games as examples for Problem Positions to examine the direction of play in joseki, the fuseki (opening) and in fighting.

Language English
Author Satoru, Kobayashi
Publisher Hinoki
Series The Heart of Go
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 260 g
Width 13.6 cm
Height 21 cm
Pages 225
ISBN-13 9780978887421
Year of Publication 2007
Binding paperback

010 Thinking About the Direction of Play of the Stones

040 The Direction of Joseki

102 The Direction of Fuseki (the Opening)

164 The Direction of Fighting

Perceiving the Direction of Play