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So You Want to Play Go - Level 4

229 pages, paperback, 2012.

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The final volume of the series, level four focusses on the concepts and shapes that will strengthen an expert level player's game. To reach higher levels of tactical skill, dan level players will need to know every punch, every kick, and every throw, A wide range of topics are covered, from in depth game reviews, to new standard sequences, to position al judgment. By no means exhaustive, expert level players should find something that they can integrate into their own play style, and continue on the never ending road of mastering Go.

So do you want to play Go?

Language English
Author Hop, Jonathan
Medium Book
Weight 410 g
Width 15.2 cm
Height 22.8 cm
Pages 229
ISBN-13 978-1468054897
Year of Publication 2012
Binding paperback

v Alexandre Dinerchtein

vii Introduction

xi Foreword

xv About the Author

xix Rising Through the Ranks

Learning about Weigi

001 Chapter 1: Joseki

047 Chapter 2: Positional Judgment

095 Interlude

099 Chapter 3: Game Review

059 Chapter 4: Professional Games

Wrap Up

215 Afterword

217 Joseki Glossary

227 Glossary of Terms

So You Want to Play Go - Level 4