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The Batsford Book of Chess

208 pages, hardback, Batsford Chess, 1. edition 2014.

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  • This engaging and instructive book contains everything you need to know about chess, from the pieces and the moves through to advanced defence and attack strategies

  • Quick-start guides take you through the basics, and you can test your knowledge with puzzle sections throughout

  • Learn how to play like a chess master - with examples of plays from champions such as Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer

The Batsford Book of Chess is a landmark, full-colour chess instruction book, ideal for both novices and those wanting to improve their game. The book takes the form of a course, with quick-start guides to help to retain the information you've learned and puzzle sections to let you test yourself as you go. To illustrate more advanced strategy and tactics, author Sean Marsh uses world-class chess 'heroes', such as Anatoly Karpov and Mikhail Tal, to bring the concepts to llte. Easy to follow, but thorough, this book is the essential companion for all budding chess champions.

Sean Marsh has been teaching chess professionally since 1988, and is also a freelance chess writer with many published articles.

Language English
Author Marsh, Sean
Publisher Batsford Chess
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 850 g
Width 19.5 cm
Height 25.3 cm
Pages 208
ISBN-13 9781849941648
Year of Publication 2014
Binding hardback
Diagrams 200

006 Remembering Bob Wade

008 Introduction

010 The Basics

020 Winning, Drawing and Losing

038 Tactical Weapons

058 Positional Play

092 When Heroes Meet

102 Human Factors

118 Non-Human Factors

126 Know Your Openings

184 Classic Players and Games

204 Solution to Puzzles

205 Bibliography

The Batsford Book of Chess