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The Best of the Best - The next chapter

104 pages, paperback, Informator-Verlag, 1. edition 2011.

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This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

Siehe auch Artikelnummer LXMATTBOTB1000 (The Best of the Best - 1000)!

Pls. see article no. LXMATTBOTB1000 (The Best of the Best - 1000)!

Back in 2007 we presented a new book, featuring the complete collection of these ten best games from each of the first 100 issues of Chess Informant - "The Best of the Best - 1000". The book you are holding aims to sustain the tradition, by collecting the hundred best games of volumes 101-110, ten of each volume, spanning a period of four years (2007-2011). These games have been methodically selected and strictly evaluated by such esteemed grandmasters as A.Beliavsky, L.Christiansen, M.Gurevich, Mi.Marin, A.Mikhalchishin, Z.Ribli, J.Speelman, former women's World Champion Xie Jun and the President of Chess Informant, A.Matanovic. The games include spectacular victories by World Champion V.Anand, former World Champions V.Kramnik and V.Topalov, the strongest ever female chess player J.Polgar, as well as other top players such as V.Ivanchuk, A.Volokitin, V.Akopian, L.Dominguez, R.Ponomariov and A.Shirov.

We wish you will enjoy this attractive and entertaining collection, the Best of the Best of Chess Informant 101-110!

Language English, Figurine
Author Matanovic, Alexander
Publisher Informator-Verlag
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 190 g
Width 16.8 cm
Height 23.8 cm
Pages 104
ISBN-13 978-86-7297-061-6
Year of Publication 2011
Binding paperback

Siehe auch Artikelnummer LXMATTBOTB1000 (The Best of the Best - 1000)!

The Best of the Best - The next chapter