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The Safest Grünfeld Reloaded

352 pages, paperback, Chess Stars, 1. edition 2019.

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This book is a completely new edition of the original The Safest Grünfeld of 2011. I rechecked all the lines and changed my recommendations according to latest developments of theory and my new understanding.

Especially the anti-Grünfeld chapters are basically new. In my opinion top players have long lost hope to find advantage in the main lines and try early deviations. Anand chose 3.f3 against Gelfand and 5.Bd2 against Carlsen. So I devoted special attention to the Sämish approach with two different propositions. 3...Nc6 is less studied and probably more rewarding from a practical standpoint, while 3...d5 is in perfect theoretical shape, but requires more memorization.

Every too often White players try to avoid the Grünfeld by refraining from d4 or c4. I added an additional chapter on the very topical lately Trompowsky and Barry/Jobava attack.

The 7.Bc4 system in the Exchange Variation, and the Russian System have also underwent a major reconstruction.

A. Delchev

Language English
Author Delchev
Publisher Chess Stars
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 470 g
Width 14.5 cm
Height 21.4 cm
Pages 352
ISBN-13 978-6197188257
Year of Publication 2019
Binding paperback

005 Foreword

009 Introduction

Chapter 1

011 The Fianchetto System

Chapter 2

057 The Bf4 System

Chapter 3

099 The Bg5 System

Chapter 4

137 The e3 System

Chapter 5

157 The Russian System 5.Qb3

Chapter 6

167 Rare Lines. Deviations on move 5

Chapter 7

191 Rare Lines. Deviations on move 7

Chapter 8

209 The Exchange System 7.Be3

Chapter 9

225 The Exchange System 7.Nf3

Chapter 10

257 The Exchange System 7.Bc4

Chapter 11

281 SOS Systems

Chapter 12

291 The Sämish Anti-Grünfeld – 3.f3

Chapter 13

313 The English Anti-Grünfeld

Chapter 14

335 The Queen’s Pawn Anti-Grünfeld

347 Index of Variations


The Safest Grünfeld Reloaded