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Your Chess Battle Plan

318 pages, paperback, Everyman, 1. edition 2020.

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One of the most challenging tasks in a chess game is to find the correct strategy. It is far easy to attack too randomly, to miss a vital opportunity, or even choose the wrong plan altogether. These are all mistakes frequently seen by even quite strong players.

Your Chess Battle Plan focuses on how Magnus Carlsen and other great masters decide on the best strategy in a position and then find the right ways to implement it. Clear advice shows you how to hone in on the most relevant features of a position in order to decide what your general plan needs to be. Factors that are addressed include when to exchange pieces, when to make long-range manoeuvres, when to offer sacrifices and how to identify and focus on key squares. Your Chess Battle Plan will get you thinking along the right strategic lines and using your pieces and pawns in a much more efficient and skilful manner.

  • A complete self-improvement programme.

  • Advice to evaluate the current level of planning in your own games.

  • Utilizes a structured approach, making the most of your study time.


Neil McDonald became a grandmaster in 1996 and a FIDE trainer in 2017. He is a regular coach of the England Junior team at international events. Neil has written numerous books on openings, endgames, tactics and strategy as well as biographies of famous players. He lives in Gravesend in Kent, England.

Language English
Author McDonald, Neil
Publisher Everyman
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 540 g
Width 17 cm
Height 24 cm
Pages 318
ISBN-13 9781781945285
Year of Publication 2020
Binding paperback

003 About the Author

005 Introduction

006 1) Improving the Activity of your Pieces

038 2) Stopping the Opponent Playing Good Moves

068 3) Full Grovel Mode

083 4) Punishing Faulty Freeing Moves

102 5) Exploiting a Hole

145 6) Manoeuvring Against Pawns

184 7) Promoting a Pawn

204 8) Using a Pawn as a Battering Ram

232 9) Sacrificing to Gain the Initiative

259 10) Deciding the Character of the Game in the Opening

316 Index of Games


Your Chess Battle Plan