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Easy Guide to the Bb5 Sicilian

128 pages, paperback, Everyman, 1999

From the series »easy guide«

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All players who open with 1 e4 need a good weapon against the Sicilian. The Open Sicilian demands a lifetime of study, while other systems tend to be positionally dubious or rather tame.
The Bb5 line is the exception. It is completetely logical and has real practical sting, and can be played confidently provided you have a good understanding of its ideas and a moderate amount of specific knowledge. This Easy Guide supplies just that. Once you have read this book you will be ready to start playing and winning with Bb5.
·Covers both the Rossolimo and Moscow (3 Bb5+) Variations
·These sound but dynamic lines have recently been infused with new ideas
·Two powerful systems for White against the Sicilian Defence.
Steffen Pedersen is a young International Master from Denmark who is quickly establishing a formidable reputation as an author of top-quality chess opening guides. His works on the Dutch Defence and Sicilian Scheveningen have been especially praised. This is his second book in the Easy Guide series.
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EAN 185744230X
Weight 160 kg
Manufacturer Everyman
Width 10.8 cm
Height 15.6 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 1999
Author Steffen Pedersen
Series easy guide
Language English
ISBN-10 185744230X
Pages 128
Binding paperback
Symbols and Bibliography 04
Introduction 05

Part 1: The Rossolimo Variation (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bb5)
1 Rossolimo Variation with 3. ...g6 17
2 Rossolimo Variation with 3. ...e6 53
3 Rossolimo Variation: Other Third Moves 69

Part 2: The Moscow Variation (1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5)
4 Moscow Variation with 3. ... Bb7 74
5 Moscow Variation with 3. ... Nc6 98
6 Moscow Variation with 3. ... Nd7 116

Index of Variations 127
In diesem Buch wird eine zuverlässige Waffe gegen die Sizilianische Verteidigung vorgestellt. Es geht nämlich um den Zug Lf1-b5, und zwar nach den Zügen 1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 Sc6 3.Lb5 und 1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 d6 3.Lb5+. Die analysierte Variante ist recht logisch und hat in der Turnerpraxis gute Erfolgsaussichten. Everymans "easy guide" - Serie stellt eine neue Art von Eröffnungsbüchern dar: Nur soviel Wissen und Erklärungen wie eben nötig, damit der Leser eine Eröffnung schnell kennenlernt und anwenden kann, ohne monatelang Varianten zu studieren. Also ein einfacher Weg zur Beherrschung einer Eröffnung.

Jerzy Konikowski, Fernschach International 09/99
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