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Go for Kids

250 pages, paperback, Yutopian, 2001

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GO FOR KIDS is written for children age 12 (sixth grade) and up, because the nature and inherent complexity of Go concepts require at least that level of reading skill, vocabulary and reasoning ability. But it can also be used quite satisfactorily by even much younger children with some assistance from older siblings or parents.

The attractiveness and clarity of presentation of GO FOR KIDS derives from its unique use of 427 panels of question-and-answer cartoon strip dialogues between instructor and students which augment its 340 conventional diagrams and their accompanying explanatory text. These "comic strip" dialogue panels provide a much needed context for the material being presented (almost entirely missing in other Go primers), so that deep rather than superficial comprehension and learning can take place. They also provide a familiar and pleasurable child-friendly format, as well as "built in" breaks from the more formal tutorial material, and this makes GO FOR KIDS far easier and more pleasurable for children to read than the conventional text-and-diagram-only approach used by all prior Go books.

I am aware that no presentation can possibly completely satisfy the perceived needs of all potential users, but it is my honest belief that GO FOR KIDS goes far further in this regard than anything extant, and most of those who have seen it pre-publication agree. But ultimately the only judgment that counts is yours, and the only way that you can make that judgment correctly is to read GO FOR KIDS yourself. So please get a copy from Yutopian or your local bookseller ASAP. And after you've read it, I'm confident that you will want each of your students, friends and relatives to get a copy of their own as well!

Finally, it's important to note that although GO FOR KIDS was created specifically for the juvenile reader it's a complete, coherent presentation of the essential rudiments of Go which will not insult the intelligence of an adult! So if you or a friend, spouse or other adult has heretofore been unable to develop interest in the world's premiere strategic board game or has had difficulty mastering it, GO FOR KIDS might just provide the breakthrough you have long sought!

Go is believed to be the oldest and best board game in the world. Invented in China about 4000 years ago and still most widely played there and in Korea and Japan, it is now becoming popular in America and the rest of the world.

Go appeals to many different kinds of people -especially those who love science and mathematics, but also artists and musicians! So Go is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes using his/her mind to its fullest.

One of Go's best features is a marvelous handicap system that allows almost any two players to have a fair and challenging game even if one is much stronger than the other.

As you read through this book you will see that Go is easy to learn because it has very few rules to master. But Go is also very complicated and tricky, so playing it is always challenging and fun and never routine or boring.

And now, with the internet, it is always easy to find a suitable opponent! You can meet, make friends and play games with Go players all over the world, 24 hours/day, every day of the year - all FREE!


More Information
Weight 350 g
Manufacturer Yutopian
Width 15 cm
Height 21 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2001
Author Milton N. Bradley
Language English
ISBN-10 188955474X
Pages 250
Binding paperback

ii Preface

iii About This Book

iv Acknowledgment

v Introduction

Part 1 - Essentials

001 Chapter 1 - Basic Ideas

018 Chapter 2 - Units & Liberties

030 Chapter 3 - Capture

045 Chapter 4 - Eyes

066 Chapter 5 - Seki

074 Chapter 6 - The "No Repetition" Rule

085 Chapter 7 - Territory

099 Chapter 8 - Thickness

106 Chapter 9 - Ending/ Scoring

Part 2 - Good To Know

118 Chapter 10 - Extensions, Connections & Cuts, Pt.1.

133 Chapter 11 - Extensions, Connections & Cuts, Pt.2.

160 Chapter 12 - Basic Opening Strategy

177 Chapter 13 - The Endgame

192 Chapter 14 - Planning

203 Chapter 15 - Fighting

225 Chapter 16 - Playing Tips


230 Appendix 1 - Glossary of Japanese Go Terms

236 Appendix 2 - Ratings & Handicaps

241 Appendix 3 - Computer Go Programs

242 Appendix 4 - Internet Go

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