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My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937

456 pages, paperback, Russel, 1. edition 2013

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Weight 470 g
Manufacturer Russel
Width 15,3 cm
Height 22,9 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2013
Author Alexander Alekhine
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 978-1936490653
Pages 456
Binding paperback

Table of Content:

005 Editor's Preface by Taylor Kingston

008 Foreword by Igor Zaitsev

014 Memoir of Alekhine by J. Du Mont

019 Summary of Career Results

Part I (1908-20)

023 Chapter I: S1. Petersburg Amateur Tournament, 1909

027 Chapter II: International Tournament at Hamburg, 1910

031 Chapter III: International Tournament at Carlsbad, 1911

039 Chapter IV: International Tournament at Stockholm, 1912

046 Chapter V: All-Russian Masters' Tournament at Vilna, 1912

054 Chapter VI: Masters' Quadrangular Tournament at S1. Petersburg, 1913

058 Chapter VII: International Tournament at Scheveningen, 1913

063 Chapter VIII: All-Russian Masters' Tournament at S1. Petersburg, 1914

071 Chapter IX: International Tournament at S1. Petersburg, 1914

077 Chapter X: International Tournament at Mannheim, 1914

087 Chapter XI: Local Tournaments, Exhibition and Match Games, Simultaneous and Correspondence Games, etc.

Part II (1920-23)

117 Chapter XII: All-Russian Masters' Tournament at Moscow, 1920 (1 st Soviet Championship)

120 Chapter XIII: International Tournament at Triberg, 1921

126 Chapter XIV: International Tournament at Budapest, 1921

134 Chapter XV: International Tournament at The Hague, 1921

140 Chapter XVI: International Tournament at Pistyan, 1922

151 Chapter XVII: International Tournament at London, 1922

159 Chapter XVIII: International Tournament at Hastings, 1922

165 Chapter XIX: International Tournament at Vienna, 1922

174 Chapter XX: International Tournament at Margate, 1923

176 Chapter XXI: International Tournament at Carlsbad, 1923

194 Chapter XXII: Major Open Tournament at Portsmouth, 1923

199 Chapter XXIII: Exhibition Games and Simultaneous Games

Part III (1924-27)

218 Chapter XXIV: Tournament Games and Match with Capablanca

Part IV (1929-34)

262 Chapter XXV: Tournament Games and Matches with Bogoljubow

Part V (1934-37)

341 Chapter XXVI: Tournament Games and Matches with Dr. Euwe

Part VI (1924-33)

423 Chapter XXVII: Simultaneous and Blindfold Play, Exhibition and Consultation Games

450 Index of Opponents and Consultation Partners

452 Index of Openings by Name

453 Index of Openings by ECO Code

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