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Secrets of Positional Sacrifice


324 pages, hardback, Informator-Verlag, 1. edition 2021

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  • 64 deeply annotated instructive games

  • 5 areas of positional sacrifice

  • Carefully selected exercises with solutions

“Secrets of Positional Sacrifice” is the second book, created within the premises of the Nestor­ovi c family chess workshop. I would like to mention that the whole family contributed to this book. We are also extremely thankful to our friends, who, thanks to their previous experience, have introduced us to the process of creating chess books, with their invaluable advice and ideas.

Considering the abundance of material regarding this topic that was gathered, we decided to make this book only the first, lower level of the “Positional sacrifice” edition. My father and I worked hard to make sure that the new book will be as interesting as the first one, but also more adapted to the wider audience.

Although the book mostly covers the more recent games, we could not help but include the beautiful creations of “old masters”, that we consider classical today. When it comes to di­viding the book into chapters, there were multiple, interesting possibilities, but we opted for sectioning it based on a subject of sacrifice. Hence, there are five chapters within the book: positional pawn sacrifice, exchange sacrifice, piece sacrifice, queen sacrifice and finally, the unavoidable section dedicated to the classics.

There are a lot of interesting ideas presented in the book, applied by world class players, as well as by the less known ones. We kept the analysis of their games simple and easy to follow, and we made sure to include plenty of diagrams and explanations within the text.

Also, the addition to the book are exercises, given at the end of each chapter, which are meant to test the reader’s newly acquired knowledge. Exercises are mainly based on the correct assessment of asymmetric positions, and of course on accurate calculation.

We hope you will enjoy the book, at least as much as my father and I enjoyed writing it, and we have no doubt that our book will improve your chess knowledge and the feeling for positional sacrifice.

GM Nikola Nestorovi c

More Information
Weight 660 g
Manufacturer Informator-Verlag
Width 17,2 cm
Height 24,5 cm
Medium Book
Year of Publication 2021
Author Nikola NestorovicDejan Nestorovic
Language English
Edition 1
ISBN-13 978-86-7297-119-4
Pages 324
Binding hardback

003 A Word from the Author

006 System of signs

007 The Positional Pawn Sacrifice

083 Examples

084 Solutions

085 The Positional Exchange Sacrifice

149 Examples

150 Solutions

151 The Positional Piece Sacrifice

195 Examples

196 Solutions

197 The Positional Queen Sacrifice

271 Examples

272 Solutions

272 Evergreen

319 Examples

321 Solutions

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