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Magic on the First Line

119 pages, paperback, Slate & Shell, 2010.

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Preface I decided to call this book Magic on the First Line. Go is a game in which all 361 intersections on the face of the board can be used, but in the beginning phase of the game we don't play on the first line at the edge of the board. However, from the middle game through the endgame, little by little, stones appear on the first line and vari­ous miraculous things can occur. Or so it sometimes seems to me. Of course there is no wizard living in the edge of the board casting spells, but .... If you don't think so, nevertheless seemingly unexplainable, deeply mysterious things do happen; there are more than a few examples of famous players from go history crying out in surprise.

However, in this book we won't be concerned with such difficult matters. We will be studying quite elementary first line tactics that will eventually cause you a loss if you don't know them. We will be beginner level wizards of the edge of the board, so to speak. Being familiar with things at this level or not can make a big difference. Your winning percentage should increase quite a bit, I think.

Nakayama Noriyuki

Spring, 1999

Language English
Author Noriyuki, Nakayama
Publisher Slate & Shell
Medium Book
Weight 190 g
Width 14 cm
Height 21.6 cm
Pages 119
ISBN-10 1932001484
Year of Publication 2010
Binding paperback

i Preface

001 Introductory Chapter: Mysteries Become Common Sense

005 Chapter 1: Beginning Magic (15 kyu to 5 kyu)

037 Chapter 2: Intermediate Magic (5 kyu to 1 kyu)

067 Chapter 3: Advanced Magic (1 kyu to dan level)

099 Chapter 4: Edge of the Board Magic from Go History

119 Afterword

Magic on the First Line